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What A Few of Daniella Nicole's Editors and Clients Have to Say:

"You are always fair and straightforward in editing.  And, you are consistent!  I cannot tell you how many editors I work with that have no consistency.  In my almost five years as an editor, and about seven as a writer, finding an editor with consistency and kindness is extremely rare." ~R.K.

"Daniella has been here over a year and has done excellent work. If she says there is an issue with an article, then I believe there is an issue." ~L.Z.  [referring to editing skills]

"This is really good . . . you are among our best writers . . ." ~D.S.

"Please stay in touch.  As you know, I'm transitioning over to a recording facility affiliated with Warner Bros. Records and based in Seattle.  If I ever have an opportunity to use you for a project, you can bet I'll reach out.  I like your work ethic and personality.  You're cool!  So don't write me off.  Put my email in your address book and my cell number in your phone.  You've made a new friend.  Blessings!" ~R.B. 

"This is great. Seems that you covered it all, and I can't think of anything else that needs to be covered in this. Great work." ~J.B. 

"Thanks for your great work. I'll let you know when I have some more. I look forward to working with you (again)." ~J.M. 

"I have work for you . . . let me know if you want more.  Let me know if you need anything else from me.  I appreciate your integrity. Thank you! " ~H.H.

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