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Daniel Kopsas (pronounced "Copsis")
E-mail: kopsasd@otc.edu
Office Phone: (417) 447 - 8263

I teach mathematics at Ozarks Technical Community College in Springfield, Missouri.  I was inspired by Maria Andersen from Muskegon Community College to create this site and continue to pursue the use of technology in the mathematics classroom.

For each of the courses in the sidebar to the left, I have built or I am currently building math video libraries.  These libraries are constantly evolving and are not by any means perfect or completely error-free. Also, these tutorials are not meant to be comprehensive. They are meant to be a supplement to some sort of instruction or other source, such as a textbook. My favorite part about the site is that each video is approximately ten minutes or less.

If you are an instructor who would like to use some of my tutorials, and not necessarily send your students to this page to dig, there might be a simple solution.  We run Blackboard at my college.  In Blackboard I can literally just copy the titles of videos and then paste the titles in an input field in Blackboard.  The title appears and the link to the video is preserved.  This allows me to pick and choose which videos I want to make available to my students.

The tools I used to create the videos are a Wacom Bamboo tablet ($70), a Logitech USB headset ($35), and two free software packages: Jarnal (the handwriting software) and Jing or SnagIt (the screen recording software).  I am currently working on converting all videos to YouTube.  The Basic Algebra Tutorials are not in YouTube yet. If you are interested in downloading a video, there are many resources out there, such as Video Download Helper for Firefox.

If you are interested in Jarnal, I have some tutorials on my Software Tutorials page.  If you are generally interested in freeware, you should check out my Free Software & Online Tools page.
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