Danielken Molina
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Working Papers

  • Firm Heterogeneity, Oligopolistic Competition in Transportation and Export Margins of Trade (2014)
  • Preparing to Export - Joint with Marc Muendler and Claudio Labanca (2015)   
  • Competition in Air Cargo.  (2012)


Refereed Journals

  1. "Logistics Infrastructure and the International Location of Fragmented Production."  (2015). Journal of International Economics (JIE). Vol 95, Issue 2 (March). 319-332. (Joint with Juan Blyde). 
  2. "Elasticity of Substitution in the U.S. market with Endogenous Transport Costs: a Sectoral Approach." (2009). Revista de Economia del Rosario. Vol. 12(1). 
  3. "Bilateral Transport Cost, Infrastructure, Common Bilateral ties and Political Stability." (2008).  Revista de Economia del Rosario.  Vol 11 (2). 
  4. "How Sensitive are Latin American Exports to Chinese Competition in the U.S. Market?."  (2008).   (joint with Alejandro Micco and Ernesto Lopez Cordova).  Journal Economia (Spring). Vol 8 (2), pp.117-145.
  5. "The Effects of different VAT Structures over Consumption of Colombian Households."  (2003).  Revista de Economia del Rosario.  Vol 6 (1).  (Joint with Manuel Ramirez).


  1. Chapter 5: "The Role of Transport Costs in Mexico's Regional Export Disparities" (2013).  In Too Far to Export.  Domestic Trnsport Costs and Regional Export Disparities in Latin America and the Caribbean. Edited by Mauricio Moreira. (Joint with Mauricio Moreira and Juan Blyde)
  2. Chapter 1: "Asia and the Pacific-LAC Trade: What Does the Future Hold?" (2012). In Shaping the Future on the Asia and the Pacific-Latin America and the Caribbean Relationship. (Joint with Mauricio Moreira)
  3. Chapter 4: "Competing with the dragon: Latin American and Chinese Export to the US Market." (2007).    In The Visible Hand of China in Latin America.  Edited by Javier Santiso.  OECD.
  4. Chapter 13: "Escuela nueva's impact on the peaceful social interaction of children in Colombia”.  (2006).  In  Education  for All And Multigrade Teaching : Challenges And Opportunities.  Edited by Angela W. Little (EDT). (joint with Daniel Escobar and Clemente Forero).

Conferences and Meetings

  1. 2015 - AEA, Boston.
  2. 2014 - LACEA 19th Annual Meeting.  Sao Paulo - Brazil.
  3. 2014 - Semana Asia, Eafit University, Medillin-Colombia.
  4. 2012 - ETSG.  Leuven, Belgium.
  5. 2008 - LACEA.  Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.
  6. 2008 - LAEBA. Trade Costs and Regional Cooperation. Lima, Peru.
  7. 2007 - 15TH ECONOMIA PANEL MEETING.  Yale University.