Daniel Karpinski Architect

Berkeley Condo Competition 2013  1   

Daniel Karpinski Architect is an innovative, full service registered architectural practice, with internationally award winning architectural, planing and interior design projects. 

What makes us different and unique is our product - a design, which can positively change your life and turn it into an art of living. We have poof of record braking real estate prices for our custom design residencies, most ecological and economical commercial projects with the highest profit return, we have a record of international awards, from Japan and Germany to  Canada. 

One can say, that we are selling a dream.  Yes, but one of our dreams could be your reality in which you can dwell.  We are working not only with rich and successful people. We have a long list of charitable organizations and "pro bono" clients. We have developed Standards of Universal Accessibility for social housing in Toronto, we working with Aboriginal students of architecture, we are helping students from U of T to find their way in the architectural business.

Our ideas are recognized far beyond architectural world. We have a long list of publications and international conferences about architecture and philosophy.

So, be our guest and surf our pages. Use all hypertext links.