Daniel Kalla  

Daniel Kalla is a sophomore at Marlboro College, studying liberal arts. As an aspiring polymath, Daniel has made it his goal to become successful in as many academic areas as possible. Currently, his greatest strengths are in natural and social sciences, with a focus in math. He is also fluent in Spanish.

In the summer, Daniel is currently employed by Vector Marketing Corporation as a sales representative. His job is referral-based direct sales, meaning he contacts people recommended by past customers and does product demonstrations in their homes if they're interested. Through this job, Daniel is developing phone, presentation, and people skills, and as an independent contractor, he is developing time management skills, as well. In addition, he is currently learning interviewing, training, and supervising skills as part of a year-long management training program, and he may open his own office with Vector the summer of 2012.

During the school year, Daniel pays for his schooling, in part, through a work-study job as a dishwasher at Marlboro. This is not an especially skilled-labor position, but it is convenient and it allows him to contribute to the functioning of his college. It's also involves working alongside other people, making it a good complement to his direct sales job. Daniel also has experience in Spanish translation and in education, and in the longer term his favored career plan is in teaching.

Contact Daniel:  dkalla@marlboro.edu or 651.587.1553