Research interests: Insurance in developing countries, development economics, decision under uncertainty, financial theory, actuarial science.

Published academic papers

  1. Stefan Dercon, Ruth Vargas Hill, Daniel Clarke, Ingo Outes-Leon, Alemayehu Seyoum Taffesse, Offering rainfall insurance to informal insurance groups: Evidence from a field experiment in Ethiopia, Journal of Development Economics, Volume 106, January 2014, Pages 132-143
  2. Clarke, D.J. and D. Grenham (2013). Microinsurance and natural disasters: Challenges and options, Environmental Science & Policy.

Working/operational papers

  1. Clarke, D.J. and R.V. Hill, (2012). Cost Benefit Analysis of the African Risk Capacity Facility, IFPRI.
  2. Mahul, O., N. Verma and D.J. Clarke (2012). Improving famers' access to agricultural insurance in India, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 5987.
  3. Clarke, D.J., O. Mahul, K.N. Rao and N. Verma, (2012). Weather Based Crop Insurance in India, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 5985.
  4. Clarke, D.J., O. Mahul and N. Verma, (2012). Index Based Crop Insurance Product Design and Ratemaking: The case of the modified NAIS in India, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 5986.
  5. Clarke, D.J. (2011). A Theory of Rational Demand for Index Insurance, Department of Economics Discussion Paper 572, University of Oxford.
  6. Clarke, D.J. (2011). Reinsuring the Poor: Group Microinsurance Design and Costly State Verification, Department of Economics Discussion Paper 573, University of Oxford.
  7. Clarke, D.J. and O. Mahul, (2011). Catastrophe risk financing and contingent credit: a dynamic analysis, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 5693.
  8. Clarke, D.J. and S. Dercon (2008). Insurance, Credit and Safety Nets for the Poor in a World of Risk Working Papers 81, United Nations, Department of Economics and Social Affairs.

Other Work in Progress

  1. Microinsurance decisions: evidence from Ethiopia, (with Gautam Kalani), Working Paper 2011.
  2. Providing Indexed Drought Insurance via Informal Insurance Groups: Evidence from a Field Experiment with Funeral Societies in Ethiopia (with Bayrou, A., S. Dercon, I. Outes-Leon, A. Seyoum, and R. Vargas Hill), Working Paper 2010.
  3. Crop micro-insurance: tackling poverty, one insurance policy at a time (with Dermot Grenham, Agrotosh Mookerjee, James Sharpe and Dan Stein), Working Paper 2011, Winner of Brian Hey Prize 2010.

DPhil Thesis

  • Complete thesis (final version): Insurance Design for Developing Countries, to be hosted online at Oxford University Research Archive
  • Slides used in thesis defense
  • Articles for The Actuary Magazine

  • Microinsurance: Gathering pace, The Actuary, September 2011.
  • Jumping up the equity ladder, The Actuary, January/February 2009.
  • A pool of uncertainty, The Actuary, April 2008.