Teaching English in

萩市 and 山口県.

This website is dedicated to helping teachers and ALTs in Hagi and Yamaguchi.

Hi, my name is Dan.  I was an ALT in Hagi City.  I made this website to help teachers and ALTs.  There are many ideas and interesting activities.  This website will cover both Elementary and Junior High School.  I hope that this website helps you with trying to make your class better and more interesting.

I coached a boy, Noriyuki Nagai, to 4th in Japan in the All-Japan English Speech Competition and I will share my ideas with you in Preparing for the Speech Competition

So this will be split into two sections.

For more ideas, please check these out:

If you have any questions or any great ideas, please email me at daniel_hrstich@hotmail.com.

Only a few of the games and ideas are mine.  I cannot take credit for having hundreds of original ideas.  I would like to thank all those who put time and effort into making websites and books to make life easier for us and for inspiring us to be better teachers.

Thank you.