Author Editing Services

There is only a slim chance that your manuscript will get accepted, especially for first time authors. Improve your chances. Has anybody other than just yourself, family, friends, or critique partners actually edited it? You can improve your chances. Hire an excellent editor.

In the past thirty years I have been a columnist, proofreader, editor, and publisher for projects in print, online, and direct to disk. I have retired as the chief editor to an award winning small publishing house. I have seen many manuscripts that should never have been given to an agent or a publisher, and should not have been independently published.
I am experienced in every genre in fiction through non-fiction to full academic. Please email Daniel Hay or send a message to @jesterhay on Twitter and include a description of your work and word count. I will respond with a quote. I do a complete edit: copy, content, grammar, typographical, and proofing for one price. Payment is via PayPal. My rates won't leave you a pauper. I don't have to work so I never accept more manuscripts than I am able to do in expressed time frames.
I only accept email attachments I have requested. I can handle most PC file types, Google Docs, or pdf.