Daniel J Hay

I like streamlined pages.
I am an award-winning composer and compose many pieces of music for Recorders, Oboe, Cello, Clarinet, solo, duet, trio, quartet, quintet,
in various chamber groupings. See what I have in print form at http://danielhay.magcloud.com and some are uploaded for listening
at http://www.soundcloud.com/danielhaymusic and for the most complete listing see my music catalog at https://sites.google.com/site/haymusiccatalog/

Slowly adding tracks for all of my compositions. Uploading massive .wav files for Google Music to create the mp3 files. This gobbles
up a lot of bandwidth and takes a great deal of time. Keep checking as there are hundreds to be included.

If you are interested in my annual subscription to newly composed solo instrumental music visit that page at: http://sites.google.com/site/haysheetmusic
PeriODDically... is my blog page which includes things on music, publishing, life in general, reviews, high spots, potholes, and the general Ravings of a Madman(TM)(c). At times there are even samples of my childrens books as I struggle to get them published. You may also catch my famous and humorous dry wit on Twitter as @jesterhay (just remove the famous and humorous).

Retired as Chief Editor for an award winning small publishing house. If you need an editor for any
genre - that would be me athttp://goo.gl/Zpa5j
It is possible to find me as @jesterhay on Twitter and as HayDaniel on Facebook and on YouTube

In any regard, I am Daniel J Hay, Daniel Jon Hay, Daniel Hay, Dan Hay, DJ Hay, or various other combinations. These are searchable
and should return at least some information about me. I know of at least 40 other Daniel Hay characters, and despite
the wonderful name they have, they are not me. Don't be fooled. If they are not composing classical music they can't be me.
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