Miralda Sil Ispalda

totally not purple hair ponytail archer girl, I swear

Miralda Sil Ispalda started her life as an unusually lucky and happy girl. Such is the youth and life of one of the Chosen of Venus – the Joybringers, as it were. She lived in a village that, too, was unusually peaceful and quiet. This was probably due to some manipulations of fates, where the Exaltation that would eventually inhibit her began to work its way inexorably through the Loom of Fate – but who's counting, really?

Of course, then there were the events of Thorns. While her town was far enough away from the incursion of the Deathlord Mask of Winters in order to not suffer the immediate effects, everyone in Creation felt what happened afterwards. Slowly, more and more refugees began to file in and out of her town, but mostly in without leaving. The local economy began to suffer as a result – rationing, looting of the city-slickers thinking they were better than those outland village folk. Everyone was despairing at the powers of the deathknights, filled with fear at what they may be doing next.

Possessing excessive naivete and due to her youth, she basically ignored most of the issues that arose from this. Instead, she worked in order to allow the displaced citizens to survive as comfortably as she could. This was the one thing she enjoyed most – making sure everyone else around her was as happy as possible. So she worked at it, and eased the lives of many a citizen of Creation, for a mortal – but then, as it turned out, such things would just be, wouldn't they?

Her Exaltation came when it was felt that she was properly trained in the art of patience, in order to rise to her station. One of the last people to appear to her, several years after she began caring to the people of Thorns, was a curious girl whose name she could never properly remember. She was a good friend – one who always spread an aura of familiarity but never was truly able to really be remembered. But this wasn't a problem for Miralda – both of these girls were always able to smile and chat with each other for ages on end, about any subject they came across. The girl was able to open up to her friend, talking about her day and her general overwhelming enjoyment of everything.

On one of these nights, Miralda's life changed. She was chosen to undergo Exaltation at this point – and when the throes of energy and clarity began to overtake her, there was her friend, revealing herself to be none other than the Gracious Shaia herself. Shaia had taken notice of the girl's propensity for making people smile and easing the lives of those around her. As was the case with the Sidereals and their politics, so did Shaia tell the newly Exalted Miralda about the glories of the Gold Faction and its goals. Naturally, Miralda was somewhat skeptical – but it sounded like it was for the good of her people in the Hundred Kingdoms, so that, too, was good for her.


Before her first assignment, however, she began to think of what title she might possibly have to adopt whilst dealing with herself. She consulted her old mentor, the Gracious Shaia – but before she could say anything about her subject, Miralda was ecstatic to hear that her assignment would be to the Hundred Kingdoms that she so adored. Her self-imposed title – a bit of narcissism, but really, all Exalted are allowed to have that, let alone Sidereals – would be that which recognised her trial by fire after Thorns, and one that would reflect her job of wearing so many resplendent destinies. Cast of Thousands she would call herself, cast in her role as a Joybringer with countless people whose lives had been touched by her, and her role as the cast of thousands that people meet for a short inkling of time and vanish.

Such is the way of the Sidereal.