the second female character, hopefully slightly less generic and slightly more subdued

Name: Rachel Ashley Cordenford 

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Height: 175cm (68.90 in)

Weight: 71.2kg (156.97 lb)

Long, waist-length brown hair. Slightly wavy.

Brown eyes. Not particularly warm, either. A dark brown.

Not particularly attractive. I mean, she isn't a looker, but at the same time she isn't ugly. Unremarkable, that's it. 34B-32-36? Gogogo three sizes measurements. I guess distinguishing clothing on her would be a sort of a black denim hooded coat over a long-sleeve blouse, wearing grey jeans or something of the like. Hair accessory? I'm thinking a headband. No hairbow, just a straight-up blue headband.

Shoe size is 8 women's US. Hardy trainers, again.

SPECIAL: 5 7 6 6 7 9 5


 =Brief bio:

Rachel Cordenford was born on 19 September 199x, to a... actually, a surprisingly well-off family. Though, you can't really say she took advantage of that well-off sense too much. Sure, she got spoiled and showered with gifts. But from a young age, she learned to separate wheat from chaff and kept only the things she felt had the most value to her, pragmatically.

Anyways, as a kid, she enjoyed your typical exploration mission. She tended to have long journeys on her little scooter - then, eventually, on foot - which led to her love of just going out there and adventuring to have fun. She hates the school buildings with a passion, and the chain link fences surrounding her campuses. Granted, with her entry into college and all that brings, she's been able to explore her universe more - but that doesn't mean she really wants to be there. With a sense of adventure and desire to travel, being locked in institutions is probably her least favourite fate.


Smartish? Gets by with B+ in most of her classes. Not too bad at what she does. Speaking of what she does, she did sports within the college for fun; Intramurals, I think? Anyways, no competitive college vs. college sporting, just personal enjoyment. Tennis, I'll say; seems applicable. Also some target shooting; very small amounts, though, as she feels it wouldn't be very becoming of someone to shoot. (Aww, timid?) Maybe a secret hobby of sorts, to keep away from school buddies.

Natural ability to read graphic user interfaces, and a great intuitive sense that spawned the natural ability. This intuitive sense allows her to make connections and see things that aren't usually seen.

She enjoys writing short pieces? As a result, I guess she's a major member of the journalism activities at her educational place of choice.

WEAPONS OF CHOICE! Bolt-action rifle if possible. Minor fascination with target shooting has resulted in her preferring some sort of oldish bolt-action. So elegant, you know? Anything else and she feels uncomfortable. Doesn't like automatics.


She tends to speak her mind. That's both been a benefit and a deficit, considering the fact that what she says tends to be badly thought out. As a result, she goes back on her words a lot to try and find what she really meant.

ffffffffffffff more stuff will come out if I play her



Generally very nice and airy. A pleasant person to be around. Very calm and collected. Pleasant, seriously. That's an underscoring feature of hers. Rather decently popular at school; known and moderately liked, but not hated or excessively exalted. Known for her tennis ability; still, not the top of the team or anything. Slightly timidish and, actually, a happy person.

When she has the ability to do things, though, she's very reluctant to do anything.


Not spiders. Commitment and then the fear of having said commitments fall apart in front of her. Loud music. She's not a medical student-minded brain, so gross things regarding human body parts will cause recoiling and running away. Being shackled?