Marie Davies Hawke

same miri, same situations, brown or purple ponytails, all the time
Gender: Female

DOB: 13th July 1991   

Age: As of now, 19

Height: 171cm (67.32 in)

Weight: 61.5kg (135.6 lb)

Brown (or purple, lol) hair, long, generally in a ponytail

Blue eyes, though not light blue or deep blue. Highly average, as far as blue eyes go, colourwise.

Not particularly attractive. Well - she's got a cuteish, highly expressive face, but people don't generally tend to look at her in general. Besides, most people at her school prefer other things. Cough. Rather wiry build. At least I think so, compared to most. 32B-28-34? Gogogo three sizes measurements.

Shoe size is 7. Tends to be good, bouncy trainers - no Converse no-sole bullshit.

SPECIAL: 3 9 4 7 8 9 5

Wainsborough/Post-Wainsborough Inventory:

1x knife, hematite

1x long knife, silver

1x Springfield XD Ported V-10, 9x19mm

3x Springfield XD high capacity magazines, loaded (16 rd/mag)

Cell phone/MP3 player + headphones


Wallet with all relevant ID, including driver's license and medical information

Shoulder/messenger bag

Key ring

Miri Powers


=Brief bio:

Marie Hawke was born at the age of 0 days on 13th July 199x to two loving parents whose names will not be mentioned. Unlike most characters, her parents are actually still alive and together. She's not even estranged from them. They still send her cards at Christmas and call and everything, and try to invite her down as much as possible.

She's had an acceptably decent life. Not rich, and not poor, but always sorta... living on the borderline kinda thing. Middle class, I guess? She always worried about running out of money. Such a cute little worrier. Excepting the fact that she really only worried because she felt sorry for everyone else. Which, generally, turned out to be perceived as badly.

Because of this, she kept everything on her inside and began to get slowly self-taught about the world, without any sort of outside interference. Eventually, she somewhat sorta pulled the absolutely stereotypical "ran-away-from-home" business and took up single residence in [INSERT TOWN HERE]. "Fresh air," she said, that and a nice schooling system. "Boarding school!" she described it as. "Damned sight better than the public hellhole I'd have to have dealt with."

It really was boarding school, though. That's the thing; she might want to see it as "OH GOD MY LIFE IS SO MISERABLE :<" but in reality, she's just really, really bored. Excessively bored. So she asked for boarding school, and her parents were okay with it. Nothing too terrible, except for the fact that she needs to embellish most of her stories about her past. It was just a phase and a cover, don't worry.

Over time, she's grown up to something that's somewhere along the lines of "slightly less serious and enjoying having fun with life while she still can." She smiles, she laughs, and likes running around from place to place as much as any other girl her age. Becoming a bit more studious but wishing to explore the world, she's now begun to take her first steps into finally deciding what she wants to end up doing with herself.

What else is there about her? I dunno. Ask me, I'll have her answer.


Archery! Owns a crossbow, quiver, and a few bolts. Played too many RPGs as a little one and decided to learn to shoot to be just like her favourites. (Unfortunately, that also means that she tries to shoot fire arrows.)

(alternative: Swordsmanship! Too many RPGs and being mad that no females ever use swords have caused her to take fencing lessons. As a result of that, she bought a rapier and a straw target dummy for her backyard. At least nobody pays attention to that.)

The bad news, though is that she's never been actually really adventuring that much. She wants to, however, and that's why she does all this practice and theory work. Too bad it never falls through due to various reasons or other. Like Girl Scouts! Ostracised for being entirely different in her speech patterns and, so she couldn't ever get along with the other girls in the troop, and couldn't ever go on the camping trips.

She's a former violinist. I really mean former. When she plays the violin now, windows break. She still loves playing the violin, though, even though she's had to replace all the windows in her apartment with Perspex, and the neighbours walled off with foam.

She's a Guitar Hero, though. >_> At least her playing that badly doesn't result in windowbreaking.

Lockpicking! And whatever you can throw into "adventuring theory and/or burglary theory."

WEAPONS OF CHOICE! Preferably some sort of exotic arrow-shooting weapon, like a longbow or a crossbow or something. If that doesn't work, something large and clunky and single-shot. No automatics - bolt-action rifles or semi-automatic rifles work, but a semi-automatic rifle is probably the upper range of her preference.


Tends to focus on things for a long time, almost to the point of losing herself in it. Helps if the object's excessively shiny or pretty. Minor obsession with things that make her hair more interesting - like hairclips with odd items attached (fake flowers?) or nice hats. It doesn't even matter if the hat matches the outfit - anything comfortable works as long as it's on her head. I'm guessing this Miri will have a closet dedicated to hair/head accessories.

Really, though, she's very pleasant. She may seem a bit airy and sometimes too happy and bouncy for the situation - but she means the best. Really!

She does sometimes lose focus when she remembers something that she doesn't want to remember, or when she remembers something rather fond about her past. You can tell by the expression on her face - it drops and freezes a bit when she's unhappy, but she smiles warmly and radiantly when she does. There's many twinges of a bit of regret, though. She regrets, even though she doesn't have to.

Also tends to bounce on her heels and toes whenever she gets excited about something. It's really rather funny. She may start spinning and smiling too!

Finger-touch-wristgrab. Best way of getting someone's attention, ever. Act as obnoxious and make the target as uncomfortable as possible. It works! Either that, or sidle up a bit too close to someone. Poke, poke, poke.

One of the things, though, is that Miri has facades. Nothing too overpowery and cliched like "OH MY GOD I HAVE MULTIPLE SPLIT PERSONALITIES" but stuff more along the lines of acting certain ways in certain situations. I mean, she is bubbly, happy, and bounces around. But when shit gets tough, so does Miri; well, attemptedly, at least. She really does try to act proper when proper is required, but really? Proper isn't required often. So I let her have at it!


Oh, this is fun. Slightly paranoid. Really, really generally quite nice! Let her have fun! It's all good. But moments and outbursts and entirely disliking the popular cliques lead to being pretty much hated in school. Not her fault that the chavs and the posers are all made of epic suck. Luckily enough, this gives Miri more time to have studied and focused on more important things. Amusingly enough, when the situation warrants it, she can act proper and formal. Good thing there aren't many situations that need formality.

Just don't make her lose anything important to her.


Losing. Major problem. Loss in general. Losing a game, losing a friend, losing out on an adventure... just loss in general. Take that and extrapolate as you will.

Also, screwing up and failure. She doesn't like leaving people behind or moving on- that's a part of the "loss" thing, but more specific. You may see me take Miri's "loss" fear into entirely different fields than initially expected. Loss of experiences that she could have taken part in, losing a friend, losing out on life, basically. No petty stuff like losing a match or losing a watch - it's more of an emotional "loss."