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Cyprus F1

posted Nov 18, 2013, 4:27 AM by daniel glancy   [ updated Nov 18, 2013, 4:32 AM ]
This week I'm in Nicosia city the capital of Cyprus. I arrived on Friday evening along with another player from Germany into Larnaca airport. We went straight to the club to get some practice on the clay courts as both of us had been playing on hard courts for the last few weeks. The bounce, speed and movement on clay courts is much different than a hard court so it takes some time to adjust. We arrived at the club about 6:00p.m and got seventy five minutes practice in under lights as it's dark here by 5:30p.m. Afterwards, we went to search for a place to stay as the official hotel was ninety Euro a night which was out of our price range. So I searched online and found a decent apartment nearby the tennis for ten Euro each a night. When we got there we realized we got a bargain as the apartment had plenty of space with everything you needed in it along with good internet connection. We figured it must be so cheap as it's out of holiday season right now. 

The next day my friend Sam Barry and our coach Gary Cahill arrived. We got a lot of practice in on the clay courts over the weekend and were ready for our matches starting Monday. I was first on at 11:00a.m Monday morning, but due to heavy rain the night before the courts needed more time to dry out so we started at 12:45p.m. I played well and had a comfortable win over player from Cyprus. Clay is not a surface we have in Ireland so don't get to practice much on it, but I enjoy playing on it when I travel. I got a day off between my next round which was good as my left hamstring was getting a bit tight from using it a lot more on the clay.

My second round match was against the number two seed on  Wednesday morning. He was a lefty from Czech Republic and ranked #484 ATP. The match was played at a very fast tempo as he played very aggressive and liked short rallies. I defended well and played good points at important times in each set to win the match. It was a good win for me and showed I was getting match tight again. I went to the physio later that day as my hamstring was getting tighter and stretching was not helping it to relax. She did some work on it and I was hoping it would feel better the next day.

When I was warming up the next day before my match I could still feel the hamstring when I was serving and pushing off that leg on the backhand side. I went to the physio again, but she said it had got much tighter and would need some rest to fully recover. I went on for my match anyway and after a few games I could feel my movement was limited. My opponent could see that and started playing drop shots and angles which I couldn't move to. I tried my best,but he kept that tactic up until he won. I spoke to the physio after to see what I could do about my hamstring. She said I need treatment and some days rest.

Overall it was a solid week with getting some more matches and wins. My next tournament is in Nicosia again, but at a different venue. It will be on hard court and I play on Tuesday. I will take the physios advise and hope to be ready for my match next Tuesday.

Some photos from this week