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What I think the ITF could change in 2014

posted Jan 18, 2014, 10:46 AM by daniel glancy   [ updated Jan 18, 2014, 1:41 PM ]

In this post I'm going to answer some of the questions people have been asking me about life on tour. The most common questions I get asked are have the ITF made changes to help players with the high cost of travelling? What do I or other players on tour think the ITF can do or change to help players fund these costs and take some pressure off the financial side of things? How do I fund myself on tour with the high cost of travelling and low return of prize money?

The first question I will talk about is have the ITF made changes to help players with the high cost of travelling? So they are not losing money and are able to cover their travel costs when playing tournaments? The reality is if you are not ranked in the top 150 ATP, playing Grand slams and ATP events you are most likely not covering your costs and losing money each week unless you have good sponsorship to cover the costs of travelling. The ITF haven't changed the Futures events prize money since they started at $10,000 and $15,000, were as the ATP has increased the prize money of their events greatly since they started. The only change the ITF have made to prize money is at Grand Slams. Recently they have increased it again for the qualifying rounds and players who reach the 1st round of the main draw. This is always good news and I hope it continues to increase a lot more, but do the top players like Nadal, Djokovic, Federer, Murray really care if they get an extra $50,000 as an example for winning a Grand Slam? I really doubt they do and so why not put that extra $50,000 back into the qualifying rounds and help the players who really need it to survive on the tour. 
This year the ATP have raised the prize money of their lowest Challenger event from $35,000+H to $40,000+H, which is good to see, but when are the ITF going to do the same with Futures events that have been stuck at $10,000 and $15,000????

This then leads to the question what do I or other players on tour think the ITF can do or change to help players fund these costs and take some pressure off the financial side of things? One obvious answer is increase Futures events prize money which I think should be increased by 10,000Euro. The Grand Slams make millions of Euro each year in profit and they all run by the ITF. So why can't the ITF take a small percent of the profit from each Grand Slam and put it back into increasing the prize money of Futures? Each year there is roughly six hundred and forty Futures as the tournament calendar changes from year to year. So that means they need six million four hundred thousand Euro if they wanted to increase prize money by 10,000Euro. This is split four ways as well so each Grand Slam is giving back a small percent of their profit into tennis which can only be good for the game. 

Some players suggested they could also use money like this to make sure every tournament provides free hotel for the players as this is one of the main costs when travelling. It is ridiculous to me when I travel to a tournament and the official hotel is 70Euro for a single or 100Euro for a twin room each night, when the prize for 1st round could only be 60euro. I have also been to tournaments where the official hotel price is 80Euro a night when booked through the tournament, but if you booked the official hotel online on booking.com for example it could be 20-30% cheaper?? How can the ITF allow a tournament to charge tennis players more for a hotel room than if you are a normal person walking in off the street and want to stay in the same hotel? It is something that really isn't fair to the players and needs to be changed.
If the ITF could make changes like these it would keep players longer in the game and raise the standard of professional tennis. Instead of players having to retire at a young age because they can't afford the costs of travelling on tour as the return of prize money is too low, or they might be sick of losing money each year when they could just work a normal job and make a decent living. 

It was suggested recently to get rid of doubles on the tour and put the doubles prize money back into singles. I think it is ridiculous to even think about destroying a big part of the tennis game. Yes singles is the main focus on tour for most players and fans, but single players also enjoy playing doubles. It can be more fun to play with a partner and it is a bit more relaxing. There is also so many fans out there that just play doubles in there home clubs and love to watch the Pro's show how doubles should be played with quick movement and reactions at the net. Doubles is also a be part of Davis Cup and I think would ruin the format if doubles was not involved. It just wouldn't be Davis Cup without it. Doubles is not the problem why lower ranked players are not making a living on tour and if the ITF did remove it they would be killing tennis not growing it. 

The ITF are now partners with Bet Rader and are now letting betting companies give odds on matches in Futures. I'm taking it that the ITF got a lot of money for this partnership, but what did the players get out of it? The players are the people providing the service that betting companies want, so they can make lots of money off people betting on tennis matches. Yet, we have seen nothing in return? The ITF don't allow betting company logos on clothing so there isn't an opportunity to even get sponsored by a company. I don't understand why they don't allow this as many other sports do, why not tennis? Tennis is huge in the betting market why not give something back to players by at least letting companies sponsor them and promote the companies on their clothing. 

So I hope the ITF are listening to the top players who are regularly saying in interviews that the lower ranked players need more prize money. That it is not right that they lose money each week and don't make a decent living. The ITF can make these changes to improve things for players, but who knows if they will. Maybe they are happy with all the money they make each year and don't really care about the players. Otherwise I think they would of changed things, but it has been like this for many years. I hope they will change many things for the benefit of tennis in the future and hopefully it will be sooner rather than later!

The last question I get asked a lot is how do I fund myself on tour with the high cost of travelling and low return of prize money?
The biggest part of funding myself is playing club tennis in Germany and France. I play between 10-12 matches which take place each weekend from the start of May to the end of July. This is the biggest source of funding myself, but it is very time-consuming and tiring as you are always travelling back to the club each weekend which really takes it out of you. It also means you will have to miss some tournaments where you would normally be playing for ATP points to improve your ranking. This is the downside of club tennis, but for many players including myself it is the only way you can survive on tour.
When I'm home I do some coaching or during the summer I might play an Irish National Tournament which can have good prize money for reaching the final of the tournament. These are the main three ways I support myself, but even with the money I make, I am still on a very tight budget and restricted to the amount of tournaments I can play and where I can travel to.

I am always on the look out for sponsorship which would be a massive help to me. I also have a Paypal Account where anyone can make a donation to help support me on tour which can be found on the Sponsors page of this website or at the following link: Daniel Glancy Paypal Account
I recently joined nTrai a new crowd funding website for Irish Athletes. It has a number of give backs for donations that people make to the athlete and you can find my profile at the following link: nTrai Profile

End of 2013

posted Jan 5, 2014, 3:09 AM by daniel glancy   [ updated Jan 5, 2014, 3:47 AM ]

I finished my year in Turkey where I won a few more matches which has helped me improve my ranking from 928ATP at the start of January to 721ATP at the end of December. This was a good jump and I hope to improve on it again in 2014. This week I started back into Pre-season training after some rest over Christmas. I am excited to be back and will train for a couple of weeks before I start travelling again. 

I have recently been selected for Davis Cup in early February, Ireland V Belarus, which takes place in Minsk so the next few weeks of training will be getting ready for this. The other members of the team are Sam Barry, James Cluskey and John Morrissey. Davis Cup is different as it's a Team event and you are with friends for the week so it is a lot more fun compared to travelling on your own. You are also playing for your country, which is always a great honor.

I have been asked a lot recently on how I fund myself on the tour with the high cost of travelling and low return of prize money. Have the ITF made changes to help players with the high cost of travelling?  What do I or other players on tour think the ITF can do or change to help players fund these costs and take some pressure off the financial side of things? I will give you some of my thoughts/answers to these questions in my next blog.

I would like to thank my family, friends and everyone who has supported me throughout 2013. It means a lot and I am looking forward to an another positive year in 2014.
Also a special thanks to everyone who supported me by donating to my Paypal Account to help me fund my travelling costs on tour. Your help is much appreciated.
If you would like to help support me on tour, you can do so by donating to my Paypal Account at the following link: Daniel Glancy Paypal Account

Finally, I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year :)

Cyprus F2 and F3

posted Dec 3, 2013, 3:08 PM by daniel glancy   [ updated Dec 3, 2013, 3:12 PM ]

The second week in Nicosia was held at the National Tennis Center. It had four outdoor hard courts and the center court had a nice stadium around it. Ireland played Davis Cup there a few years ago. There was some bad weather over the weekend so didn't get a lot of time to practice on the courts before my match, so spent a lot of time in gym.

I played my first round on Tuesday against a Belgium guy ranked #900 ATP. He was playing very well at the beginning of the match and I fought very hard to bring it to three sets, but in the end he deserved the win with the tennis he was playing. It was a hard loss for me, but it just shows me the depth in tennis as the week before I played the same level match and beat a guy ranked #400 ATP 6-3 6-2. A week later I play a guy ranked five hundred places lower and lose in a close three set match. So much depends on the day in tennis that rankings don't always determine the outcome of a match. This is what makes tennis such an interesting and tough sport to play.

I had seven days before my next tournament started, there was nothing else to do, but train hard each day and look forward to my next match. My friend Sam Barry and Coach Gary Cahill went home mid week so was on my own from then on. It meant I was always looking for people to train with and then spending a lot of time on my own, going to dinner alone, passing the time in the evenings on my own. It's a tough part of travelling, you spend so much time by yourself and it always great when you have a friend there, makes it much more enjoyable.

The third tournament was in Larnaca a city on the south coast of Cyprus. Even though it was out of season there it was still very busy and full of life on the main street beside the beach. It had many nice restaurants and I found the people very friendly there, which is always nice. The club this week was small, but nice. The people again very friendly and helpful which showed they cared about running a good tournament for the players. In my first round I was up against a young player from the club. He is an up and coming player from there which meant  he had a lot of support that match and played very well. I got through it 7-6 6-4 and felt I played well to tough it out. My second round was against a guy from Great Britain ranked #800 ATP. He has a big serve and an aggressive game style. I returned well this match and was very solid from the baseline to win 6-4 6-1. My quarterfinal match was against the number two seed ranked #290 ATP. He was a big serving lefty from Poland and the match was a very high quality game. He came up with some good points at the end to win 6-1 4-6 6-4. I can take a lot of positives from the match as I was happy with my performance that day by doing the right things and giving it my best.

So my trip came to an end and it was time to go home. I took a few days rest and now I am back in Ireland training. I will go to Turkey next week to play my final two tournaments of the year. They take place in Antalya at the south of Turkey so looking forward to some warmer weather and playing some more matches.

Cyprus F1

posted Nov 18, 2013, 4:27 AM by daniel glancy   [ updated Nov 18, 2013, 4:32 AM ]

This week I'm in Nicosia city the capital of Cyprus. I arrived on Friday evening along with another player from Germany into Larnaca airport. We went straight to the club to get some practice on the clay courts as both of us had been playing on hard courts for the last few weeks. The bounce, speed and movement on clay courts is much different than a hard court so it takes some time to adjust. We arrived at the club about 6:00p.m and got seventy five minutes practice in under lights as it's dark here by 5:30p.m. Afterwards, we went to search for a place to stay as the official hotel was ninety Euro a night which was out of our price range. So I searched online and found a decent apartment nearby the tennis for ten Euro each a night. When we got there we realized we got a bargain as the apartment had plenty of space with everything you needed in it along with good internet connection. We figured it must be so cheap as it's out of holiday season right now. 

The next day my friend Sam Barry and our coach Gary Cahill arrived. We got a lot of practice in on the clay courts over the weekend and were ready for our matches starting Monday. I was first on at 11:00a.m Monday morning, but due to heavy rain the night before the courts needed more time to dry out so we started at 12:45p.m. I played well and had a comfortable win over player from Cyprus. Clay is not a surface we have in Ireland so don't get to practice much on it, but I enjoy playing on it when I travel. I got a day off between my next round which was good as my left hamstring was getting a bit tight from using it a lot more on the clay.

My second round match was against the number two seed on  Wednesday morning. He was a lefty from Czech Republic and ranked #484 ATP. The match was played at a very fast tempo as he played very aggressive and liked short rallies. I defended well and played good points at important times in each set to win the match. It was a good win for me and showed I was getting match tight again. I went to the physio later that day as my hamstring was getting tighter and stretching was not helping it to relax. She did some work on it and I was hoping it would feel better the next day.

When I was warming up the next day before my match I could still feel the hamstring when I was serving and pushing off that leg on the backhand side. I went to the physio again, but she said it had got much tighter and would need some rest to fully recover. I went on for my match anyway and after a few games I could feel my movement was limited. My opponent could see that and started playing drop shots and angles which I couldn't move to. I tried my best,but he kept that tactic up until he won. I spoke to the physio after to see what I could do about my hamstring. She said I need treatment and some days rest.

Overall it was a solid week with getting some more matches and wins. My next tournament is in Nicosia again, but at a different venue. It will be on hard court and I play on Tuesday. I will take the physios advise and hope to be ready for my match next Tuesday.

Some photos from this week

Greece F18

posted Nov 9, 2013, 6:36 AM by daniel glancy

The first week of my trip start's on the Greek island of Crete. It's a beautiful place and I am not alone this week as my Mother and two of her friends have decided to take a trip there as well. I have been in and out of injury for the last three months which has been tough as I couldn't travel to tennis tournament's or even play tennis at home. A lot of time was spent healing and rehabbing. I hope I can stay fit from now on and look forward to playing until the season finishes in mid December.

My trip started at 4:00a.m Saturday 2nd of November. I was getting two flights that day and the first was at 6:40a.m from Dublin. I would arrive to Crete at 5.30p.m and then have a two hour car journey to the place we were staying. The flight started out normal, but after thirty minutes I started to feel a bit sick. I wasn't sure if it was because I was tired and had not been in a plane for some time or if I had ate something bad. It turned out I must of ate something bad and spent both flight's throwing up and trying to ignore the stomach cramps I was getting. A few stops were needed on the car trip as well. Not a great start to my trip, but once we reached the apartment we were staying in I was happy to go straight to bed as I was getting shooting pains all over my body along with stomach cramps.

The next day I felt a bit better, but couldn't eat anything and still felt weak from the day before. I slept until the afternoon to try to recover and then went to the courts to try to find some practice. I met a friend from Germany there and we practiced for an hour as I felt I didn't have the energy for much more, but I got to feel out the court's and tennis balls they were using at this tournament. I arranged three practice sessions for the next day with some other players I knew and called it a day.

I felt much better the next morning and decided to have a big breakfast as felt so hungry after not eating much the day before. I had some natural yogurt mixed with granola, scrambled egg on brown bread and apple juice. I went to the courts for 9:30a.m to warm up and was practicing with Greek friend at Ten. It was great to be out playing in the sun again where it's warm and you work up a good sweat! After about forty five minutes into the practice my stomach started cramping again. I couldn't understand it as I felt fine that morning. I lasted another thirty minutes before running off court to the toilets only to throw up again. I decided it must be dairy products that are making me sick and figured the natural yogurt that morning didn't help. So no more dairy for me and I managed to get through my next two practice sessions with only a little bit of cramping in the stomach. I ended my day with some rehab in the gym and a long stretching session. I spoke with the supervisor and told him I was sick so if he could start me on Wednesday it would give me more time to get better. He is a nice guy and said he would do that for me.

I got another day of practice in and felt much healthier after staying away from dairy. I was now looking forward to my match, but had been told a storm was coming so was expecting a wet day with long waits. The day of my match turned out to be sunny, but the wind was that of a storm. The chairs, umbrellas, single sticks were all blowing over during the matches along with branches of trees coming onto the court's. It was really tough conditions, but there is no rule to stop play if the wind was too strong so matches continued. I was excited to play my match as it was a while since my last one, but the conditions made it very difficult to play and I don't think any player enjoyed their tennis that day. I had a tough match against Federico Giao (ITA) who was last week's finalist and ranked in the 400's ATP. The match was tight with most of the games going to Deuce, but he was a bit more match tight than me and his confidence was showing from the week before as he came up with big serves and volleys at the important times. He got the better of me this time, but look forward to playing him again.

Overall I was happy with my performance and really enjoyed competing again as it is the biggest thing you miss when injured. I am now looking forward to my next tournament which will be in Cyprus next week. I will travel there soon and get some days practice in before I play. With each match I play I will get more match tight and get back into the same good form I was in before I got injured, so looking forward to some more matches in Cyprus. 

Wrexham Wales

posted Aug 30, 2013, 10:33 AM by daniel glancy   [ updated Aug 30, 2013, 10:52 AM ]

This week I was in Wrexham Wales to play my first tournament in over four weeks. I decided to travel over by boat as there is no airports near Wrexham and the ticket for the boat included the train journey as well which is good value for money. I left at 8:45 Sunday morning and arrived to Wrexham at 16:00. The boat was a nice change from flying as you have more space to move around and internet on board which helps pass the time. The trains however were slow and I was waiting around a lot as it was Sunday service.

Irish Ferries Boat Entrance

Once I arrived to the club I found someone to practice with for one hour thirty minutes. They re-surfaced the courts so they played pretty slow which made them really nice to play on. My friend Will Boe then arrived and we found a hotel to stay in for the next few days. On Monday I practiced with Will Boe for two hours and felt I was ready for my 1st round match on Tuesday. I checked the order of play and I was 3rd match on, not before 12:30. I was playing a British Wild Card ranked 1700 ATP but I didn't know him which was strange as I know nearly all British players. So I asked around and was told he just made Junior National Finals the week before and played left handed. 

Me and Will Boe after practice on Monday

On Tuesday morning I woke up really excited to play my match. It had been a while since my last match and I really missed competing. I warmed up for thirty minutes and had something small to eat before I went on. I started the match a bit nervous but after a couple of games I got the break and settled in. I was using my forehand very well and my Achilles was feeling good during the long rallies which was a big positive. I won the match 6-2 6-2 and felt I played a solid match overall. After the match I went to cool down and stretch along with some rehab exercises for my Achilles.

The next day when I was warming up for my 2nd round match I felt a pain in my index finger every time I hit the tennis ball. I looked at it and it was looking much bigger than normal. I went to the physio and he said it was bruised most likely because it was not used to the impact of the racket against it. I had not played a match in a long time and this may of been a factor. He strapped it up to try take some impact off it but once I started my match the pain increased and at 2-2 in games I was forced to retire. I was pretty disappointed but the physio told me it would just need a few days to settle down and I should be okay again. I then headed back home that day by boat. I will train in the gym for a few days and will have a weeks practice next week before I travel again. Unfortunately injuries big or small are part of being a tennis player so just have to be patient and stay positive that I will be back on the court soon.

Back to the Tour

posted Aug 27, 2013, 2:38 AM by daniel glancy   [ updated Aug 28, 2013, 3:57 PM ]

So I have been out injured since the Irish Open which is over 4 weeks now.I had a problem in and around my Achilles tendon.It has been very slow to heal but finally I'm back hitting and off to Wrexham in Wales this week to try it out and see how it holds up in a match.Looking forward to it!


posted Aug 6, 2013, 2:45 PM by daniel glancy   [ updated Aug 28, 2013, 4:05 PM ]

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