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Name: Daniel Glancy

Birthdate: 13th November 1988
Birthplace: Castlebar, Co.Mayo,Ireland

Secondary School: St.Gerald's College Castlebar

University: Dublin City University 07/08

Residence: Dublin,Ireland

Height: 5ft 11"

Weight: 77kg

Plays: Right handed,Double handed backhand

Family: Parents Margaret and Eamon,Brothers Justin and Rossa
              Sister Roisin

Career High Ranking: #718 ATP Singles (05/08/2013) #352 ATP Doubles (05/12/2011)

 Tennis Background 

My first memories of playing tennis were in Ballina on the tarmac courts, behind the popular Downhill Hotel. It was a summer camp, so I would have been about six years old and only did a few lessons. My family then moved up north to Donegal for a few years, I played no tennis in this time until we moved to Ballyhaunis, in Mayo.
There was no tennis club there so I played in the Junior squads, when I was eight with Maria Kilkelly in Castlebar Tennis Club. I also played with my brother Justin on some public courts in Claremorris. We would go to Galway a lot at weekends to see family, so I would also do some squads there and play with other players. I was also playing Gaelic, soccer and squash.

When I was eleven Garrett Barry, the resident professional coach at Castlebar Tennis Club started coaching me in Castlebar. He helped me greatly as well as other junior players in Castlebar and around Connacht. We would play all the tournament's in Silgo, Galway, Castlebar and also travel to Dublin or Cork, for Irish Nationals and other Open tournaments. When I was younger I wasn't very good at tennis. I would do alright in local tournaments, but when I played big National tournaments I would lose early in the tournaments. I remember not getting into the Irish National Junior Open, held at Fitzwilliam Lawn Tennis Club, when playing my first year under twelves, my entry was rejected so to speak. This didn't faze me though, as I loved playing tennis and continued to train and work hard with Garrett.

When I entered under fourteens I could see I was improving a lot as I started to win some tournaments and was finishing in the top eight in Ireland in National Ranking tournaments which at the time was a big achievement for me considering I was ranked outside the top 32 under twelves. Playing Inter-Pros for Connacht was very important to me as I was able to represent my province and play on a team with all my friends. We were always the underdogs, but Garrett showed us we could compete against all the other provinces. We started to get more points each year and beating other Provinces. In 2007 Connacht won the Senior Inter-Pros for the first time in history, it was held in Bishopstown in Cork. We won it by one point if I remember correctly, it was a great moment for Connacht Tennis and I was very proud to be part of that Connacht Team.

When I was fifteen I wanted to concentrate on tennis so I gave up the Gaelic and the other sports I played (My Dad wasn't happy). I started traveling to Dublin at weekends to train in the Westwood Academy squads. This was a big sacrifice for me as I gave up my weekends to go play tennis. It was also a big sacrifice for my Mother as she was the one that would get me up at 5:30 am on Saturday morning and drive me to Dublin for squad training starting at nine. I would play in the squads all day Saturday and Sunday, then return to Mayo on Sunday evening. The squads were a big help to me as it has slow indoor hard courts which was much better to train on than the wet astro courts we have here in Ireland. There were also different people to practice with and older players that hit in. When I reached last year of sixteens I started winning some of the major Irish junior tournaments and even won some Irish Nationals. I continued into under eighteens with this form and was always looking to improve my tennis game to be the number one Irish Junior. I also got picked to represent Ireland at U-16 & U-17 Tri-Nations competition which was pretty special as I had never represented Ireland before. We won the U-17 in Wales. In my final year of Juniors I had a great year winning Irish Nationals along with many Junior Open Tournaments, but the most important win for me was winning the Irish National Junior Open held at Fitzwilliam Lawn Tennis Club. I was the first person from Connacht to win the under eighteens singles there, not bad considering seven years earlier I wasn't good enough to even play the tournament. It also meant I finished the year ranked number one in Ireland.

When I turned eighteen I was doing my Leaving Cert so that year I focused on my studies and it left me with no time for tennis. I then got into DCU on a sports scholarship studying Business. There was a good tennis team there with good trips to European College events. Along with work for college I felt I didn't get to play as much tennis as I wanted. So after a year I decided college wasn't right for me at this time in my life and wanted to play tennis full-time. (Now Dad really wasn't happy)

I started training with Peter Clarke (Previous Irish No 1) along with some other full-time professionals. I was really enjoying it. I was really happy and loving what I was doing. I got my first ATP Point at 20 which entered me into the world rankings at #1731 ATP. I quickly learned how tough life on tour was, both competition wise and financially. There are so many good players out there all fighting for ATP points to raise their rankings so they can play the big events like ATPs and Grand Slams. Each player has the same dream, but it comes at a big financial cost if you want to achieve it. 

I quickly learned that travelling to these tournaments was costing a lot of money and the prize money you received wouldn't even cover your costs!!! To go play a tournament I would have to spend money to buy a plane ticket, pay for hotel, buy food, buy re-strings for my rackets, to see the physio along with many other small costs that all added up. So I started to plan ahead by buying plane tickets as early as possible, work out which tournaments would be cheapest to fly to, look online for the cheapest hotels or hostels in many cases, find out the cost of eating and living in different countries so I could figure out what I would be spending there if I went. By doing this I was able to make my money go further and allow me to play more tournaments. It wasn't easy though as you find yourself staying in uncomfortable places,flying with cheap airlines that have uncomfortable seats and bad service. The baggage limits are so low that I would have to pack my bag perfectly each time so I wasn't over the limit because I didn't want to pay forty Euros for each Kilo I was over. On some occasions when I was over (due to some companies like Ryanair being so strict on their limits) I would find myself forced to wear 3-4 tennis shirts along with two tennis tops on and shorts underneath my tracksuit bottoms and then sit in an already really hot plane as it was packed full of other people. I also stuffed my pockets with protein bars, wristbands and any other small items I could fit in there as there is no rules about how many clothes you wear or what is in your pockets as long as you could bring them through security. I would sleep nights in airports if my flight was in the morning as this would save money to pay for a night's hotel the week after. I even slept rough coming home from a tournament as I couldn't afford a hotel as I had no option,but to spend a lot of money for flights and the airport I had planned to sleep in over night closed at 11:30 pm!!(Lets just say I won't ever forget that night).

So with all this I needed to find a way to help finance myself. I tried looking for sponsors, but with the recession hitting Ireland hard it was tough to find any person or business that would sponsor you. I think most of them thought a tennis player would be looking for big sponsorship of thousands and thousands of Euros. Yes this would be great in an ideal world,but even a contribution of hundred or two hundred Euros would go along way especially if you could find a lot of them to help you. This was not the case and so I needed to find other ways. So I decided it would be good Idea to play Club Tennis in different countries in Europe. I was lucky enough I got a contact to a club in Germany called Heidenheim that was looking for a player. I got in touch with the coach there who seemed to like me and offered a two-year contract to play for them. I signed it straight away and have been playing with the club since. This was a big help as you get paid good money for playing your matches and a bonus if you win. The matches are played during June/July normally seven matches and they are held each weekend on Sunday. I could then use this money to travel to tournaments to try win ATP points to help my ranking. I would also play National Money tournaments in Ireland as they had good prize money for winning them and I would do some coaching in the Westwood squads when I was home. The same squads I used to attend when I was a Junior. I now also play for Saint Michel Tennis Club in Paris.

I have been playing full-time just over four years and I have learned a lot about the tour, along with all the challenges you face. Some I have mentioned, but also the different conditions and surfaces as well including hard courts, clay courts, extreme heat and humidity, altitude and different cultures you face on a week to week bases. I have continued to work hard over the years and my ranking has been rising since I got my first ATP Point. I am now in the 700s ATP singles and my doubles high ranking is 352 ATP. I am now very pleased to be part of the Irish Davis Cup Team and was the first Connacht man to represent Ireland at Davis Cup. I train at the National Tennis Center in DCU. Gary Cahill is the Director of Tennis there and is a huge support to me as a coach. I continue to improve all the time under his guidance. I will continue to play tennis for many more years and hope I can find some sponsorship along the way to help me do so. I know I have not reached my peak on the Professional Tour and strive each day to improve my game and ranking so eventually I can play the big ATP events and Grand Slams such as Wimbledon.

My family are very supportive of me especially my mother. She has a great passion for tennis and has passed it onto me. Even my dad who once was just a GAA head encourages me in what I'm doing and now has a big interest in tennis asking me about different players and events that I have been to. I even find him on the computer at home looking at draws from tennis tournaments all around the world commenting on who's doing well etc. For me that's pretty funny because if you had told him ten years ago that he would be sitting on a computer looking up tennis draws and results he would have laughed and said:"You must be joking". My home club Castlebar Tennis Club have always giving me great support and continue to do so. The club members are so passionate about tennis and do everything they can to help the club. You can really see it when events or competitions are held there, the work they put into it is incredible. I try to visit the club when I can as it makes me really feel at home.

I would like to thank them all, that their support is much appreciated and I hope one day I can give back the same support they have given me.