My research concentrates on studying problems motivated by a special class of mechanical systems, those which, intuitively, have sufficiently many constants of motion. These are called completely integrable Hamiltonian systems and enjoy remarkable properties, which make them ubiquitous in many fields of pure and applied mathematics, as well as physics, chemistry and molecular spectroscopy amongst others.

More specifically, my interest lies in studying geometric aspects of completely integrable Hamiltonian systems, which can, in turn, reveal interesting dynamical phenomena. In particular, I investigate problems that lie at the intersection of the theory of integrable Hamiltonian systems, Hamiltonian group actions in symplectic and Poisson geometry (and their generalisations), Lie groupoids and algebroids, and integral affine manifolds.

To get an idea of what I am/have been thinking about, please go to my Publications and preprints page.

One of the joys of studying mathematics is discussing problems and ideas with various people. The Interesting people page provides a list of past/present collaborators, as well as some people with whom I have discussed, amongst other things, some mathematics.