Daniele Pennesi

Assistant Professor (RTDb), ESOMAS Department, University of Torino

Affiliate, Collegio Carlo Alberto

Member of the CLOSER

Things I like: Behavioral Economics and Decision Theory

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Contact: daniele.pennesi@unito.it

Teaching: Financial Mathematics, Decisions and Uncertainty, Tutorial in Logical Reasoning for Sciences, Intermediate Mathematics, Behavioral Economics

Working papers:

Between commitment and flexibility: revealing anticipated regret and elation (May 2022)

Identity, information and situations (Version April 2022) R&R

Works in progress:

A simple theory of social distance and fairness

Price-quality interaction in consumer behavior

Nudging hand hygiene in residential homes: a pilot study among health workers in Northern Italy (with B. Braut, G. Gon and T. Medda)


Randomizing without randomness, with P. Ghirardato Forthcoming Economic Theory

Intertemporal discrete choice, (2021) Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (Link to WP)

A foundation for cue-triggered behavior, (2021) Management Science (Link to WP)

A general theory of subjective mixtures, with P. Ghirardato (2020) Journal of Economic Theory (Link to WP)

Perfectionism and willpower, (2018) Economic Theory Bulletin (Link to WP)

Asset prices in an ambiguous economy, (2018) Mathematics and Financial Economics

Uncertain discount and hyperbolic preferences, (2017) Theory and Decision

Costly information acquisition and the temporal resolution of uncertainty, (2015) Journal of Mathematical Economics (Link to WP)