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String quartet/quintet

Tides    String quartet
String quartet in one movement.    11'
"Daniel Barkley’s Tides took the opposite approach, glorying instead in the sounds of the medium’s great legacy ... It seemed to strike a chord with the players, too." -- The Irish Times, 16/12/2010    Full review
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The Children's Hour    String quintet
String quintet miniature, based on the 1961 film of the same name. (2009) 6'30''
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Strings + piano

Tango    Violin and piano

A fun and quirky tango with a sad little waltz interpolated in the middle as a trio. (2012)   5'40''

Bis    Violin and piano

Quick and chirpy encore with an expressive, pensive middle section. (2011)   2'30''
Written for Tomás Costa.
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Nostalgia    Violin and piano

Simple, melancholy song for violin & piano, with an uplifting middle section. (2010)   4'

Solo strings

Scènes pour Violon Seul    Violin
Violin solo made up of five individual contasting and complementing 'scenes'. (2009) 8'
Also exists in a piano & violin adaption.
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Murmur    Irish harp
The solo lever harp is used here in a contemporary idiom, moving through various moods and 
textures, creating a world of murmurs and echoes for itself. (2010)   6'30''
Written for Anne-Marie O'Farrell.
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