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Daniel Aaron Hartley

Senior Economist

Economic Research Department

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

230 S. LaSalle St.

Chicago, IL 60604

phone: 312-322-5531

email: Daniel.A.Hartley(at)chi.frb.org


Working Papers

Blockbusting and the Challenges Faced by Black Families in Building Wealth through Housing in the Postwar United States (with Jonathan Rose)

The Long-Run Effects of Neighborhood Change on Incumbent Families (with Nate Baum-Snow and Kwan Ok Lee)

Peer Reviewed Journal Publications

The Long-run Effects of the 1930s HOLC "Redlining" Maps on Children (with Daniel Aaronson and Bhashkar Mazumder, and Martha Stinson) - Journal of Economic Literature, forthcoming [working paper version]

Weathering an Unexpected Financial Shock: The Role of Disaster Assistance on Household Finance and Business Survival (with Justin Gallagher and Shawn Rohlin) - Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, forthcoming [working paper version]

The Effects of the Great Migration on Urban Renewal (with Ying Shi, Bhashkar Mazumder, and Aastha Rajan) - Journal of Public Economics (May 2022) [working paper version]

The Effects of the 1930s HOLC "Redlining" Maps (with Daniel Aaronson and Bhashkar Mazumder) - American Economic Journal: Economic Policy (November 2021) [working paper version]

Neighborhood Effects and Housing Vouchers (with Morris Davis, Jesse Gregory, and Kegon Tan) - Quantitative Economics (November 2021) [working paper version]

The Long-Run Effects of the 1930s HOLC “Redlining” Maps on Place-Based Measures of Economic Opportunity and Socioeconomic Success (with Daniel Aaronson, Jacob Faber, Bhashkar Mazumder, and Patrick Sharkey) - Regional Science and Urban Economics (January 2021) Special Issue from Urban Economics Association Conference Fall 2019 [working paper version]

Accounting for Central Neighborhood Change, 1980-2010 (with Nate Baum-Snow) - Journal of Urban Economics (May 2020) [working paper version]

Household Finance after a Natural Disaster: The Case of Hurricane Katrina Online Appendix (with Justin Gallagher) – American Economic Journal: Economic Policy (August 2017) [working paper version]

Are America’s Inner Cities Competitive? Evidence from the 2000s (with Nikhil Kaza and T. William Lester) - Economic Development Quarterly - Special Issue on Inner-City Economic Development (May 2016) [working paper version]

Blowing It Up and Knocking It Down: The Local and City-Wide Effects of Demolishing High Concentration Public Housing on Crime Online Appendix (with Dionissi Aliprantis)Journal of Urban Economics (July 2015) [working paper version]

The Effect of Foreclosures on Nearby Housing Prices: Supply or Dis-amenity? Regional Science and Urban Economics (November 2014) [working paper version]

The Long Term Employment Impacts of Gentrification in the 1990s (with T. William Lester) Regional Science and Urban Economics (March 2014) [working paper version]

Endogenous Gentrification and Housing Price Dynamics (with Veronica Guerrieri and Erik Hurst) Journal of Public Economics (April 2013) [working paper version]

Other Journal Publications

Within-city Variation in Urban Decline: The Case of Detroit (with Veronica Guerrieri and Erik Hurst) American Economic Review: Papers and Proceedings (May 2012) [working paper version]

Book Chapters

Measuring Interest Rate Risk in the Life Insurance Sector: The US and the UK (with Anna Paulson and Richard J. Rosen) in The Economics, Regulation, and Systemic Risk of Insurance Markets, Felix Hufeld, Ralph S. J. Koijen, and Christian Thimann, eds., Oxford University Press, 2016. [working paper version]

The Relationship Between City Center Density and Urban Growth or Decline (with Kyle Fee) in Revitalizing American Cities, Susan Wachter and Kimberly Zeuli, eds., University of Pennsylvania Press, 2013. [working paper version]

Central Business District Coordinates Dataset: Stata, CSV

Published Book Reviews

“Book Review: Great American City: Chicago and the Enduring Neighborhood Effect, by Robert J. Sampson” Journal of Economic Literature (March 2014)

Work in Progress

“Credit When You Need It” (with Benjamin Collier, Benjamin Keys, and Xian Ng)

“Blockbusting and the Challenges Faced by Black Families in Building Wealth through Housing in the Postwar United States” (with Jonathan Rose)

“The Bronx is Burning: Urban Disinvestment in the Wake of Fair Access to Insurance Requirements” (with Ingrid Gould Ellen, Jeffrey Lin, and Wei You)

“The Effects and Effectiveness of Inclusionary Housing” (with Nathaniel Baum-Snow and Davin Reed)

“Long-Term Effects of Neighborhood Change on Incumbent Adults and Children” (with Nathaniel Baum-Snow, Quentin Brummet, Davin Reed, and Kwan Ok Lee)

“Natural Disasters, Local Bank Market Share, and Economic Recovery” (with Justin Gallagher)

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Fed Letter

How Common Was Blockbusting in the Postwar U.S.? (with Katherine Bennett and Jonathan Rose), July 2022

How Similar are Credit Scores across Generations? (with Bhash Mazumder and Aastha Rajan), 2019

Flooding and Finances: Hurricane Harvey’s Impact on Consumer Credit (with Eleni Packis and Ben Weintraut), 2019

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Economic Perspectives

The Relationship Between Race, Type of Work, and Covid-19 Infection Rates (with Jason Faberman), July 2022 [working paper version]

What Explains the Decline in Life Insurance Ownership? (with Anna Paulson and Katerina Powers), November 2017

Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland Economic Commentaries

Public Housing, Concentrated Poverty, and Crime (2014)

Housing Recovery: How Far Have We Come? (with Kyle Fee) (2013)

Urban Decline in Rust-belt Cities (2013)

Urban Growth and Decline: The Role of Population Density at the City Core (with Kyle Fee) (2011)

The Impact of Foreclosures on the Housing Market (2010)

Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland Economic Trends

Demographic Changes in and near US Downtowns (with Nate Baum-Snow) (June 2015)

Recent Trends in Local Multipliers (November 2014)

Neighborhood Gentrification during the Boom and After (with Daniel Kolliner) (July 2014)

Gentrification and Financial Health (November 2013)

Housing Recovery? (with Kyle Fee) (May 2013)

A Decade of Hard Times in Places that Rely on Manufacturing Employment (December 2012)

Long-Term Population Changes within Cities (September 2012)

Wide Variation in House Price Decline across the Country (with Kyle Fee) (June 2012)

Distressed Sales and Housing Prices (February 2012)

Incomes Are Down, Poverty is Up (October 2011)

Recent Population Trends in the Midwest (with Kyle Fee) (August 2011)

Growing Cities, Shrinking Cities (with Kyle Fee) (April 2011)

Who Is Driving the Decline in the Labor Force Participation Rate? (with Mary Zenker) (February 2011)

Recessions, Housing Market Disruptions, and the Mobility of Workers (November 2010)

Could Low Educational Attainment be Slowing the Recovery (with Beth Mowry) (June 2010)

Some Popular Locales Now Face Gloomier Labor Market (May 2010)

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