Daniel Enrique Ibarra
Ph.D. Candidate, Earth System Science, Stanford University

Welcome to my website! 
I work with C. Page Chamberlain in the Terrestrial Paleoclimate research group and previously completed my M.S. working with
Kate Maher in the Environmental Geochemistry research group.

I am a geochemist who works on climate change impacts on the water cycle, with a background in environmental science, climate science, and Earth science. I draw on my interdisciplinary training to study watershed responses to changes in hydroclimate, using both field and laboratory measurements as well as modeling approaches. I actively mentor undergraduates and high school students, and am passionate about science communication and outreach.

My research interests include: 
Investigating the influence of plants, geology and climate on nutrient and chemical fluxes in freshwater systems, including quantifying patterns of covariation between solutes and hydrology. 

Developing new modeling frameworks for investigating the response of terminal watersheds and lake systems to climatic forcings.

Documenting changes in past climate using terrestrial geologic records as indicators of hydroclimate change to test the robustness of climate model simulations used for future projections.