Danger International

(Logo designed by Chaz Kemp, use with his kind permission)

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Recruited by Buckaroo Banzai himself, and funded by the Banzai Institute for Biomedical Engineering and Strategic Information, Danger International is a gathering of the greatest, most expert, most dangerous heroes the world has ever known (or not known).

Their purpose?

To investigate and deal with the strangest, most terrifying dangers and challenges faced by the planet. Incidents like the near-invasion of the Red Lectroids; the attacks of the "Predator" species; the super-genius crime sprees of folks like Hans Gruber, Yves Peret, Arius, and Johnny Wong; the near-disaster of "Unit 701" in Hong Kong; and the depredations of the evil sorcerer, Lo Pan, in San Francisco convinced the leader of the Hong Kong Cavaliers to seek out others who understand the true dangers most people never know exist.

Only those who have encountered the bizarre and the extreme are recruited, because only they understand how to fight and survive in a world where the rules have changed so much.

There are four series currently ongoing. Each Cast entry indicates which series each character is a part of: 

Danger International: World on Fire - A group of eclectic individuals is gathered in the New Mexico desert, where they begin a global adventure to not only rescue the Hong Kong Cavaliers, but the very world itself from the World Crime League.

Danger International: A New York State of Crime - Arguably the most important city in the world, someone has to deal with the darkest and strangest elements that threaten to tear it apart.

Danger International: Shadow War - Most people don't even know vampires and other supernatural horrors are real. These folks deal with them on a daily basis, trying to stave off eternal darkness.

Danger International: Deadly Strange - Some know entirely too much about the otherworldly horrors that threaten existence. It's up to them to spare the rest of us.

You'll note numerous references to action-adventure movies of the 80s and 90s above**, and that's intentional. The idea is that you will be playing a hero from that era, either of TV or film, recruited to deal with the world on a level the average person couldn't hope to survive. This is vaguely "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen"-ish, but firmly embedded in the 80s-90s milieus. Honestly, it will probably skew more 80s than 90s, but who knows.

The game works on Archetypes, and we're going to stick with that.  Once you figure out who you want to play, pick the Archetype that works best. Alternately, just let me know and I can help you figure out which one probably works best. We ~can~ alter them to better fit your idea.

(*) - Old school Hero System fans will recognize this blatantly ripped-off name, which is my callback to a great book that didn't get anywhere near enough love. Cheers to  L. Douglas Garrett, George MacDonald, and Steve Peterson.

(**) - I encourage/challenge you to use your Google Fu to work out all those references.