Jonathan Parr presents

Remove Negative Links

The immediate goal of our service is to stop defamation by positioning links on the Search Engines and by appeals to law to remove negative information. We send cease and desist letters and if necessary, file legal actions against the perpetrators and Internet service providers contributing to the unjust defamation of our members.

We have the ability to make your name or business appear on thousands of different websites using proven techniques we spent years learning as Search Engine Optimization experts.

We have a network of thousands of high rank websites! This allows us the ability to dominate keywords and phrases such as your name or business!

We submit positive information about you or your business, pushing aside negative Internet posts.

Organic Search Optimization

Using our expertise in search engine optimization we are able to apply proven techniques to get more web pages listed in all the search engines.

Quick Indexing

SurfDisguise our anonymous search engine has very high web traffic. This allows us the ability to get your pages picked up and found by all the major search engines.

Increased Content All Search Engines are looking for fresh content. Our process allow you to get more links into the designated search terms.

Develop Link strategies

We have thousands of websites we use for link building. We also own a link building service

Every submission that we make on your behalf is helping to increase your link popularity!