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Newest Family Member!  Cooper




6/24/06 (picture of a picture)


    El Capital!

 Tree near the mailbox

 The place

 Sun and shadows

 Bleeding heart plant out by the deck

 This light bulb was actually on when the shot was taken; 1/4000 second shutter speed turned it dark

 20 second exposure, I came into the shot around 10 seconds through

 Another long exposure shot, moving salt & pepper...

 Toby!  the neighbor's yippy dog

 The barn in my development (its how us PA folks roll....)

 Flag on the way to city island

 El Senators!

 The Susquehanna at night

 What the @$^@, how'd my work get in there?

 Get off my nuts fool!

 Another shot messing with a friends tele-photo. That alien blob is a bee

 Mmm, tastes like chicken!

 Craziest tree I have seen in a while, at my Dad's new office

 Shedding some bark for the summer.


Another long exposure, using a LED keychain light for the writing.... 

Bright on the Susquehanna 



Thats all folks, hope you enjoyed!  More to come....


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All shots taken with the Canon Rebel XT