My Ideal Learning Environment

Taking my inspiration from an idea my husband had, I decided to play off of the famous "round table" of King Arthur. The concept of the round table is one of discussion, sharing, open communication and equality. As my educational emphasis is in communication and psychology, I will seek to create a classroom learning environment that reflects these ideals.

My classroom can and will consist of students from many possible age brackets, most likely in the Jr. High through High School range.  At the heart of my classroom will be a round or oval table, large enough to seat all of my students and myself.

In my classroom map, the image of the table I used does not encompass that many seats, but that is simply a limitation of the click art that I used.
Notice that my classroom is open with the primary focus on the center table. This, I believe will address many of the issues with engaging and participating with my students as I endeavor to teach them. Each of us, moreover, has a computer at our seat. We will use this in all of our lessons. I will utilize networking software similar to "go to meeting" so that the students can see what I am working on, and vice versa... Students can present projects to the class in this fashion as well. We will utilize any of the web & computer tools available to us in order to maintain pace with society and empower the students to achieve all that they dare to dream.
In addition to this center of learning in my classroom, I will have a comfortable corner with pillows, bean bag chairs and ample floor space for stretching out an enjoying reading or audio materials. We will utilize the smart board and video projection screen located on opposite ends of the room, and we will have an ample book shelf, filled with interesting and timely publications. In the opposite corner from the reading and audio area, I have created a supplies and creativity center for the students to utilize in their projects and expressions. Finally, we will have living plants and animals in the room that the students will nurture as they nurture themselves, because, while I believe that it is important to embrace technology and its place in the world, as well as in the lives of our students, it is also important to teach our students to be interested in and accomplished at interpersonal communication and nurturing the quiet & tactile pleasures that will help them to lead balanced lives.