Personal Comments

I have listed some articles which will be useful to some, repetitive to others or of no interest.  These will get updated as information relating to our business comes available.  You will not be notified each time this happens but every 6 weeks IF you send me an email to do so.  If not I will send you a reminder until you UNSUBSCRIBE.  No ads.

In  2014 I will be launching two ventures on Hilton Head:  HHI Premier Property Management ( & HHIHELP ( both websites are under development we will get Google sites up quickly. 

HHI PREMIER PROPERTY MANAGEMENT carries a Property Manager in Charge State of South Carolina License.  Primary emphasis on protecting the Owner's asset and turning an agreed upon ROI.  Hospitality features abound for the Owner's current & future clients.  Represent only premier properties meeting minimum criteria: upgraded linen & terry, amenities, concierge services, special requests, exclusive promotions with top attractions, restaurants & lounges.

HHI HELP this is my volunteer effort to assist the visitors here in finding their way.  Hilton Head for all its beauty & charm is very confusing to first , second & multiple time visitors.  We have done a great job in turning this into and protecting a spectacular destination in a pristine environment.  Those efforts must continue, however in doing so through set back requirements, lighting and signage make it a very confusing place.  Hopefully we can get enough volunteers to assist those lost and stopped in the middle of 278. 
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