Software Tutorial Sites

Community Clips
User made tutorial videos. 

Computer Basics
This site has a lot of great information and useful tips about computers and software. It is a great starting point for people learning about computers or as a refresher for others. Check it out! 

Computer Basics Tutorial
This site is another great reference for people learning about computers. It is also a great place to go for help about anything computers. 

A great site! 

Custom Guide
Free quick references for many software titles. 

Education Online for Computers teaches you via self-based educational and training tutorials all the Microsoft Office applications and other desktop software for end-users and developers. We conduct a specialized deep search of the web and find the best online training available to present to you in a consistent and coherent format. We are affiliated with, a gateway site for computer and Information Technology education, training and tutorials. 

Evaluating Websites and Content
Information on the Internet, particularly the World Wide Web, seems to be exploding with each passing day. Just as we don't believe everything we hear on the radio, read in a newspaper, or see on T.V., we can't believe everything on the Internet. There are five basic criteria that you can use to evaluate Internet sites, which are very similar to the criteria used for evaluating other resources. 

Free Online Tutorials
Baycon Group provides tutorials on a growing list of computer-related topics. All tutorials are in depth, comprehensive, online, and -- best of all -- absolutely free. 

Graphing in Excel
Explains how to enter data and graph it using Excel. 

Microsoft Education - Tutorials
Learn how to use and integrate Microsoft software in the classroom with in-depth, step-by-step tutorial guides for students, teachers, and staff. Use the search tool below to these tutorials (or how-to articles) for your relevant subjects, grade levels, and products. You can also browse the links below to find the resources. 

New Computer User Tutorial
If you've never used a computer before, or only used if for internet and email, this is the site to check out. 

Office Tutorials
This book includes a set of tutorials to help pre-service and in-service teachers learn the suite of applications included in Microsoft Office XP. The tutorials, with skill consolidation exercises, are designed to teach MS Word (including mail merge), Excel (including graphing and charting), Access (including reporting), and Powerpoint in the context of the K-12 classroom. They also include a lesson on the Office drawing tools.