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Yale Physics Olympics 2006

Physics Olympics - Central High School Team Takes 3rd place in one of the events!

Physics Olympics! 

This year, a team of Mr. Andrade's AP Physics students competed at the Yale Physics Olympics on Saturday, October 21, 2006 at Yale University in New Haven. This is Central High School's second year participating (see other page). 

The Team consisted of seniors David A., Cassandra E., Harshal R., and Devin E. 

The team was very focused and attacked each event with enthusiasm and eagerness. Their effort, hard work, and teamwork paid off. 

The team won 3rd place in one of the events, 

This year there was also a second team from Central High School competing. Due to last minute illnesses, this team ended up with only two members, Michael G. and Jonathan V. While they didn't place in any events, they put forth a tremendous amount of effort and did very well, especially since there were only two of them. 

Mr. Andrade was extremely proud of his teams, saying that they have proven that Central High School has some of the best students in the state. 

(See below for pictures from the Olympics) 

About the Yale Physics Olympics: 
Since the Autumn of 1998, in collaboration with the University of Liverpool (U.K.), the Department of Physics at Yale University has organized an annual Physics Olympics Competition. 

The theme of our event is "physics is fun!" Our hope is that the participants enjoy themselves while applying basic ideas from physics in a practical context and hopefully learn some new physics during the day. 

The event takes the form of a pentathlon, consisting of five 35-minute events. Each event is a task or simple experiment which the students perform as a term and for which they obtain a result or measurement. The teams are ordered based on the accuracy of their results and prizes awarded to the winning teams. 

Our event is organized in close cooperation with our friends in the University of Liverpool, who hold a similar event with the same tasks on the same day making this a truly international event! 

For more information please see the Physics Olympics website athttp://wnsl.physics.yale.edu/events/olympics.