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Science and Engineering Sites

Byte Size Science
Feeds of science information and news. Great reading and a great resource to see what's going on in the world of science. 

Extreme Science
Contains information and up to date news about various areas of science and technology. 

This site has information and resources on science, technology, physics, nanotechnology, space and earth science, and medicine and health. 

A great resource for teachers and students. 

Technology Review
This site is maintained by MIT and contains news about emerging technology and scientific advancements. 

The Why Files
This site has the science behind the news. It explains the science behind current events and news stories. 

A great resource and interesting to read. 


Discover Engineering
This site has information about engineers and engineering, videos, activities and fun stuff. 

Engineering K12 Center
This site lets you explore the different engineering fields, learn how to get and pay for an engineering education, and have fun with interactive engineering games and resources. Let it be your first step in your exciting journey to becoming an engineer. 

Mechanical Engineering Magazine
ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) magazine. Great info on engineering. 

National Engineers Week
Site about National Engineers week. Has information on engineering careers and resources. 

Next Generation Manufacturing
The Regional Center for Next Generation Manufacturing addresses the need for highly skilled workers in the new manufacturing workplace by building programs that provide resources to educators and students interested in learning new technologies in manufacturing. The Center is directed by the Connecticut College of Technology (COT), a virtual organization representing technology curriculum geared toward engineering and technician training offered at Connecticut's 12 community colleges. 

These curriculum programs give students credit toward engineering and technician training at designated Connecticut public colleges and universities, including Central Connecticut State University , the University of Hartford , University of Connecticut , Fairfield University , University of New Haven and Charter Oak College. 

The Next Generation Manufacturing Center is dedicated to helping educators prepare the workforce of the future by not only giving them relevant and current curriculum programs, but by giving them exposure to industry practices that they might not otherwise have.