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Physics Reference Sites

Physics Class Site  - site with links, references, resources, assignments, and more.

Glencoe Physics Website
This website has all kinds of resources, including online quizzes that will help you learn physics. 

If you take an online quiz, you can email the graded quiz and I will use it as EXTRA CREDIT. dandrade@bridgeportedu.net 
Physics Classroom

This web site is set up as a tutorial for High School Physics.

It includes lessons, explanations, examples, and animations and simulations.

This is an excellent resource to use.

Physics Lessons online
Great site with online physics lessons and demonstrations. 
Holt Physics

Another great online resource. This one is for the Holt Physics textbook.

For each chapter, there are homework help tips and practice problems with solutions to help you learn concepts.

Online Physics Course
Online physics course that is a wonderful resource to use for reinforcement or extra help. 

Physics - online textbook - Kinematics
Good resource. 
Physics Central
This site is an excellent resource for all things physics related. 

Physics - online lecture materials
This website has the lecture materials from a college physics course similar to the Physics class here at CHS. 

This site is great for review or if you are having a hard time understanding a topic. 
All about Physics
Why take high school Physics? 

Movie Physics 

Fun stuff 

Physics Games
Some fun games based on physics. See how good you are! 

Physics Links
High School Hub maintains an excellent collection of links for academic use. 
Physics of _____
This website is actually created by students in Massachusetts. It is a project in their physics class. The students have to do a research project on the physics of ____ (different things in the world) and then create a website for it. 

Excellent resource for understanding physics. 
Roller Coaster Simulator
Design and build your own roller coaster.