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EMT Class Info

Emergency Medical Technician-Basic (EMT-B)

Mr. Andrade              Central High School, Bridgeport, CT

dandrade@bridgeportedu.net                           www.physicsmedic.org


(This class is only for Central High School Students. For information about local EMT classes go to http://www.woofmedic.com/

Welcome to the CHS Emergency Medical Technician Course.

 This course will prepare you to take the State of Connecticut Office of Emergency Medical Technician exam. Upon successful completion of this course, and a passing grade on the State exam, you will receive a State of CT EMT Certification. This will allow you to work as an EMT in the State of CT. This class is for students who want to become EMT’s or want to go into medicine as a career.

 Students will experience lectures, discussions, videos, demonstrations, hands-on laboratory time, along with clinical experience in the emergency room and ambulance.

 This is not an easy course. There is math, biology, physics, chemistry, reading, writing, and speaking involved in an EMT course. You will have a lot of reading to do, homework, class work, projects, quizzes and tests. In addition, there will be practical stations where you will learn how to perform the various medical skills that EMT’s do. You must spend time on this class every night, reading the text, reviewing your notes, completing homework, or exploring the web resources on the class website.

This class must move at a steady pace in order to complete the State required materials by June. Many colleges offer EMT classes and will give you college credits if you get your State EMT certification. Most EMT classes are 2 nights a week, for 4 hours a night, for 5 months.  The Central high School format allows for more time to digest, absorb, and understand the material. Use the resources available to you on the class website (www.physicsmedic.org ), keep up on the reading, and ask for help. You can succeed in this class, but you must put in the effort.



  1. Preparatory – Intro to EMS, Medical-Legal, The Human Body, Lifting and Moving
  2. CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation)
  3. Airway
  4. Patient Assessment (medical, trauma, vitals,  communications, documentation)
  5. Medical Emergencies (Respiratory, Cardiac, Abdominal, Diabetic, AMS, Allergic Reactions, Poisoning and Overdose, Environmental, Behavioral and Psychiatric, OB/GYN and Childbirth)
  6. Trauma Emergencies (Bleeding & Shock, Soft-tissue Injuries, Musculoskeletal, Head and Spine)
  7. Infants and Children, Geriatrics
  8. Ambulance Operations
  9. Gaining Access and Rescue
  10. Hazardous Materials
  11. Triage, Mass Casualty, and Incident Command
  12. Weapons of Mass Destruction and Terrorism


State Testing

If you successfully pass this course with a grade of B or better, you will be eligible to take the State of CT testing for certification as a CT EMT. There will be a fee to take this test and the test will not be held here at Central High School. Students register for the test and take it on their own.

If you do not pass this class with at a least a B, you will not pass the State Testing.

You will also not be sent to the State testing if you have had multiple discipline problems in class.

There is a $5 fee for CPR and a $100 fee for the CT State Exams ($30 for the practical, $70 for written)

 (this is cheap…a typical EMT class costs $500)

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