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CPEP After school Program


CPEP Day 2009
May 9th was CPEP Day where all of the different CPEP groups around CT get together and compete with the projects they worked on all year long.
Central's CPEP group had 4 teams competing in Roller Coasters and Battery Powered Boats. One of our teams took 3rd place in the Boats! Congrats!

3rd Place Boats team: Brittney Wiley, Jeffrey Sisler, Matthew Gofstein, and Ana Calabano (unable to attend due to illness)
(with special help from Nicolle Paulo)

The group worked hard and had fun and we are looking forward to next year! Group photo below:

We had our final meeting and pizza party on May 26th and the following awards were given out:
Rescue Engineering - Nicolle Paulo for her help with every boat team at CPEP day.
Team Player - Ana Calabano
Team Leader - Matthew Gofstein

Sikorsky Aircraft Trip, May 27th, 2009

Congrats and good luck to the Seniors!

We'll see everyone else next year!

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