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Basic Info and tips for ALL Students

ALL Students must follow these basic guidelines. These will help you be successful in school, both here in high school, and in college.

1. No talking during videos, tests, quizzes, or independent work.

2. PRINT your full name (first and last) on all papers, quizzes, tests, and assignments.

3. Plan your day well - go to your locker in the morning and get what you need for the day if you can't get to your locker between classes.

4. Don't change your answers on a multiple choice test/quiz unless you are sure it was wrong.

5. Don't leave questions blank on test/quizzes - class work are not the SAT - you need to answer every question or you will lose points

6. Be organized. Keep all of your papers and notes in a binder. 
a. Notes
i. put the date and class at the top of each page.
ii. use abbreviations and symbols when taking notes. Do not write down every single word on the screen.
iii. review your notes after each class and fill in info while it is fresh in your memory.