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AP Physics Reference Sites

http://educationaltechnologyguy.blogspot.com - Mr. Andrade's blog - lots of free resources for students.

AP Class Site - site for your class - links, resources, references, assignments, and more.
Great site with explanations of all physics topics. 
Online AP Physics Course
Click on Physics 1 or 2 and browse categories. 

This site is a great tutorial for students that are having difficulty with different topics. 

AP Physics Textbook, 6th edition site
Companion site for Giancoli's 6th ed. textbook. 

Go to each chapter as we do them. Do the Practice Questions and submit to my email address (dandrade@bridgeportedu.net) for EXTRA CREDIT. 

Online Physics Study Guide
Online study guide and practice from Cutnell and Johnson Physics. This is another book used in AP Physics B and this site can help you understand the concepts of physics. 
Contains lessons on AP Physics topics. Great for review. 
Great site for review, help, and more. 
Great site for help in learning AP Physics. You can also sign up to get daily practice problems by email. Check it out!

MIT's Highlight's for High School
This site has free resources to help students with physics. The resources are from MIT's own introductory physics courses and are great for AP Physics students. 
AP Physics Reference
This is the official site for AP tests. 
Online Physics Course
This is an online college physics course. This is a good resource for review or if you are having trouble understanding a concept. 
See the Links under the Physics section also!

Student Companion Site for Haliday and Resnick

Companion Website for another textbook. Has online problems with help in solving them. Good for review or extra help.