I am an Associate Professor of
Philosophy at the University of Minnesota, Morris


About my research:

My main research right now concerns honor---especially agonistic honorableness---which I argue is essential to a mature pluralist deontological moral and political theory. Here's a freshman-level introduction to honor ethics I hope some find helpful.

I am also developing an evolutionary psychological account of agonism, in which I 1) outline the differences between the agonistic honor ethos and authoritarianism, 2) demonstrate that honor-typical behavior is to be found in non-humans, and 3) speculate that honor instincts in humans have their origin in male intrasexual competition.

As regards social/political philosophy, I write mostly on  topics of honor's relevance liberalism, gender (especially hypergender and "gender exaggeration"), and violence.

Courses regularly taught:

Professional Ethics, Environmental Ethics, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Law, Moral Issues and Theories (applied ethics seminar), Ethical Theory (metaethics seminar), Philosophy of Love and Sex, Introductory Ethics.

An interdisciplinary academic blog I founded and administer: honorethics.org

Honor in the Modern World

BookHonor in the Modern World (Lexington, 2016), co-edited with Laurie Johnson

Selected articles, chapters, essays

Our Dignity-Right to Guns The Critique (July 2016).

"What's Wrong with Hypermasculinity?What's Wrong (Oct 2015).

Fighting Fair: The Ecology of Honor in Humans and Animals in Jonathan Crane (ed.), Beastly Morality (Columbia University Press, 2015): 123-154.

What Should Realists Say About Honor Cultures?, Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 17.5 (2014): 893-911.

Honor War Theory: Romance or Reality?Philosophical Papers 42.3 (2013): 285-313.

There's Some Fetish in Your Ethics: A Limited Defense of Purity ReasoningJournal of Philosophical Research 38 (2013): 377-404.

Justifying Punishment: The Educative Approach as Presumptive FavoriteCriminal Justice Ethics 31.1 (2012): 2-18.

A Modest Intuitionist Reply to Greene's fMRI-Based Objections to Deontology Southwest Philosophy Review 25.1 (2009): 107-117.

The Fictionalist's Attitude Problem (co-authored with Graham Oddie)Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 10.5 (2007): 485-498.


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University of Minnesota, Morris

600 E 4th St.

Morris, MN 56267


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