I am an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Minnesota, Morris. I work on various topics in metaethics, moral psychology, normative and applied ethics, social/political philosophy, and philosophy of law. I received my PhD in Philosophy from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 2009.


About my research:

My main research right now concerns honor, which I argue is essential to a mature pluralist deontological moral theory. Some papers in which honor ethics is articulated, defended, and applied can be found below.

I am also persuaded by moral-psychological views positing a handful of innate moral modules, each of which portrays rightness and wrongness in a unique way. I explore whether this view is compatible with moral realism.

Both streams of research combine in my work in progress, in which I 1) outline the differences between the honor ethos and authoritarianism, 2) demonstrate that honor-typical behavior is to be found in non-humans, and 3) speculate that honor instincts in humans have their origin in competitive play.

I am increasingly drawn to social/political philosophy, especially on the topics of honor's role in liberal society, and various questions in gender.

Courses regularly taught:

Professional Ethics, Environmental Ethics, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Law, Moral Issues and Theories (applied ethics seminar), Ethical Theory (metaethics seminar), Philosophy of Love and Sex, Introductory Ethics.

An interdisciplinary academic blog I founded and administer: honorethics.org

A book series I co-edit with political scientist Laurie Johnson (Political Science, Kansas State) on the theme of Honor and Obligation in Liberal Society (Lexington).

Books under contract:

Perspectives on Modern Honor (Lexington), co-edited with Laurie Johnson. 

Work under review:

The Transgender Normal (with Michael Prideaux)

Main publications:


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