Welcome to Dandelion Field. Actally, this website is something of an experiment. I needed a place to post my first Sims story and this is the result. This page is under *heavy* construction and in the coming days and weeks we'll just see if my inapt webmaster skill's are enough to keep this site afloat.
A general note about my stories:
I'm not a native english speaker and I don't pretend to be one. I write as carefully as I can and my spellcheck is my closest friend. But still, there'll be mistakes. I'd be grateful if you'll point them out to me.
Writing stories is something I do for fun. Playing the Sims has given me a great opportunity to create and play out my own stories. What's on this website is a result of it.
Simderella's Story is a modern fairytale, set in The Sims universe. Jen Logan is a young trainee car mechanic with big dreams. Unfortunately life hasn't always been easy for her. Her parents are both gone and she finds herself at the mercy of Bradford Hamilton, the owner of what used to be her father's garage. Throw in an obnoxious classmate by the name of Oscar Fayton, a fancy reception and mysterious emails from a person who calls himself 'The Ford' and you have your fairytale. All that's missing is pair of glass slippers...
Enjoy! And I would like to hear what you think.