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Photography as a serious hobby.

Back in Romania, 20 years ago, my father decided to upgrade his camera to a brand new Zenith TTL and the "old" one was then... MINE ! So, ... I learned about photography with a 35mm Russian camera - Chayka 2 - under my father supervision. I was allowed to touch the Zenith TTL - my father's camera, only after I proved I am aware of what is an SLR camera. We improvised a small photo lab, where I helped my father to get amazing Black & White photos. It was magic to see the Grey shadows of a B&W picture revealed in my hands. We gave-up when the 35mm color photo film "landed" on our photo mini lab. After few nights spent in the red light of our "mini lab" we realized the color film need to be done in a much  more professional way, in a real photo lab. That was the end of our "mini lab" and the adventure of "home made" photos.

Now, here, in Toronto - Canada, I consider myself a serious hobbyist in ... digital photography.

My current d-camera: Panasonic - Lumix FZ-30 with an UV and a Tiffen (tm) circular polarizer filter. My "mini lab": my  PC.  Prints are done at a local professional photo lab. I like 8x12" size, 3:2 format.  My dream: D-SLR & 3 lenses: macro, normal, zoom.

The digital cameras that I owned in the last 5 years: HP 620 (3 Mpixels), HP 935 (5 Mpixels - impressive camera for point & shoot class).

  • The old Chayka 2 and my father's Zenith TTL still working ...after 20 years.  Rhetorical question... how many manufactures or brand names design and build today a so named high-tech digital camera with a 20 years life expectancy ?
  • Today a photo is printed by a color printer at home or , if you are  "picky", at a local digital photo lab ...not anymore under the magic of the red light. This is the mass (digital) photography !