Unbutton the Spine by Paddy


Paddy teaches with deep passion and humor with her ever evolving quest to "unbutton the spine"

- so it can dance -

Assimilating decades of studies, initially under

"Backbend Master" Ven. Venketesh (Mysore India ) and senior Iyengar and Astanga teachers

in both India and Australia

Later, teachers Diane long, Angela Farmer and John Stirk who had the greatest impact on her teaching.

Paddy revolutionizes free movement in what she calls ‘the spinal revolution’

Using backbends as her thread she brings her insight to students of all levels through playful poses and light hearted language and imagery.

Paddy divides her time mainly between Australia and Thailand. She also teaches intensives and workshops in Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, India, Qatar and occasionally in Europe

Two current major influences on Paddy’s practice are :-
1) Diane Long
Diane Long spent 23 yrs studying with Vanda Scaravelli, and embodies Vanda’s teaching which she to continues to further develop. Paddy studies with her annually.


2) Christopher Drake (Buteyko breathing method)
Under the guidance of Senior Buteyko Practitioner Christopher Drake - Impressed by the results , Paddy continues to practice this method of breathing that began for her 2 years ago, and to study its impact on her yoga practice and life.


(See Video clip )

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