Our lambs are raised humanely and naturally, grass-fed and pasture raised, friendly with us as their human companions and caretakers.  Responsible stewardship dictates maintaining a healthy flock, free of unnecessary suffering.  We do vaccinate with a CD-T toxoid, having the firm belief that our location in the humid southeast precipitates the necessity to protect our flock against these deadly, but easily preventable diseases.  Lambs for consumption are only directly vaccinated once, having received passive immunity from their dams.  Our breeding ewes and rams are vaccinated annually.  If an animal falls ill, our first choice for treatment consists of natural alternatives as prescribed by our veterinarian.  However, if a situation warrants antibiotic treatment, we will make sure our animals are treated appropriately, recover without undue suffering, and observe appropriate withdrawal periods with a healthy  "buffer" time.  Otherwise, our lambs are given no additional hormones, steroids, antibiotics, nor fed coccidiostats or medicated feed at any point.

We currently raise a variety of purebred and crossbred Katahdin, Dorper, St Croix, and Barbados lambs and ewes.  Hair sheep meat is lean, not greasy, and mild in flavor.  It is succulent, juicy, and wonderfully "sweet".

We have two options for you to purchase lambs, both based on weight.  You may pick up live lambs on site, but we request you not travel over 2 hours for live animals intended for immediate processing.  A longer trip results in more stress on the lambs and is detrimental to meat quality.  We also work with a local butcher in Winslow, AR, and can deliver the lamb/s of your choosing to the abattoir for a small fee.  For two for more lambs, we waive the delivery fee.  You may come to pick out your lambs (we can also do that for you if you'd rather not see dinner prior to...dinner), then call the abattoir to give them directions for your customized processing.  We are readily able to assist with your processing order and can convey that, as well, if you are new to the experience.   All orders are vacuum packed for freshness, quality, and longevity.  

For purchases smaller than a whole lamb, we have vacuum packed, USDA inspected lamb in cuts such as rib and loin chops, whole bone-in leg, ground and stew meat, shanks, shoulder roast, neck roast, steak (cut in a "rib-eye" style), racks, and the impressive crown roast.  These are priced per pound, dependent on cut, and ranges from $8.00 (leg)-$16.00 (crown), with an average price of $10.00/pound.  A "freezer package" equivalent to a half lamb can be customized at a slightly lower price per pound/cut. 

Please email or call for pricing and availability.