Our Facilities

Dancing Sheep Ranch - Main

Our central hub on the northwest side of Fayetteville, AR, DSR is home to our wonderful hair sheep as well as ducks, geese, guineas, dogs, and, of course, a couple of important felines, and is always expanding.  We are happy to host your 4-H, church, family/friends, or children's group, provided all young children are well supervised.  Our animals are gentle, and quite enjoy the handling and attention.  If you are interested in purchasing lambs, you may schedule a pre-purchase visit, as well.  Our lamb crop is generally spoken for well before arriving; as such, reservations are necessary for purchase.  Hair sheep are "out of season" breeders, so we have babies in the fall as well as the spring.  We encourage you to bring any and all questions.  We provide a 30 day health guarantee for our lambs, as well as a full year of consultative service for each "starter" flock purchase (ram and 2 or more ewes, or a 3+ ewe/whether pet flock).  Photography sessions are welcome with reservations.

Dancing Sheep Ranch East

Located in the northeast portion of Fayetteville, DSR East is home for our Jacob and Shetland wool sheep.  Although we will not have regular tours or viewings here, if you are interested in purchasing wool or wool lambs, you are more than welcome to schedule a visit and we will take you over.  We will occasionally have our Jacob ram, Bojac, present at the main ranch.  Photography sessions are welcome with reservations.