Welcome Home

Welcome to the Dancing Sheep Ranch
Fayetteville, AR

"Down on the farm" has never been so rewarding, or so delicious.  We raise a variety of hair sheep as well as ducks, geese, and various other critters as well as manage gardens and fruit trees.  We see ourselves as stewards of the land and overseers of our flocks, as opposed to owners.  Our goal of sustainable, responsible, and ethical farming allows us the freedom to market our products directly to you, and you the joy of obtaining naturally raised, happy, and healthy food.

A nature-based background is excellent for STEM learning activities!  
Educational tours walks for children and adult groups are available for scheduling.  
We ask for a 2 week notice prior to your intended date.  

Individuals purchasing lambs are welcome to contact us to come choose their lambs.

Please feel to contact us should you have any questions.