Television Shows...

 Watch Aacharyaa Pratishtha Sharma at Zee Jagran Channel, Zee News, India Tv, Focus Tv, Etv, Total TV and different T.V.channels for her Yoga & Dance shows.
Different T.V. Shows by Aacharyaa Pratishtha:

" The Balancing Act with Pratishtha" 

 Conceptualized & Hosted by Aacharyaa Pratishtha its A Weekly talk show at Zee Network based on Teenage troubles.

"Big Toss" 

A reality show based on World cup 2010 at INDIA TV where Aacharyaa Pratishtha was invited as a Celebrity and had a controversy with Rakhi Sawant. 

“Jago Bharat Dhyan yog andolan” 

An effort to explore the correct form of yoga by the YOUNGEST YOGACHARYAA ... A daily show at ZEE JAGRAN CHANNEL thrice a day

“Total Tandurusti”

 daily Health show at ZEE NEWS

 “Jawan hai soch”

 special documentary at ZEE NEWS

“Live Talks on health wellness Dance Therapy & Spirituality” 

invited very frequently to discuss different topics at INDIA TV

“Yoga with Acharya Pratishtha” 

An english weekly show at FOCUS TV

“Nritya Naad” 

Daily Dance show at ZEE JAGRAN CHANNEL

“Sanvare Jeevan Yog” 

A LIVE show at ZEE JAGRAN CHANNEL connecting with viewers telephonically and providing solution to their problems.

“Sangini for today’s Women” 

A Special daily yoga show for women of all age groups & sects at all hindi channels of ETV

“Yog Mantra” 

 daily show at all channels of  ETV

“Fit Raho Hit Raho” 

A Modern approach to Yoga .. daily Show at TOTAL TV

"Shakti Yoga" 

A Traditional Yoga Daily Show at NAXATRA NEWS

"Documentary on Acharyaa Pratishtha's life" 

FOCUS TV & P7 News Produces a documentary on Aacharyaa's life & her contribution

"Yoga for pregnant Woman"

A special episode for ZEE UP

"Aacharyaa's inteviews"

Special interviews covered by KATYAYANI CHANNEL & PRAGYA TV 

"Sri Yoga"

An Anchor based yoga show for S7 news

Acharyaa Pratishtha is invited regularly at different TV channels for LIVE TALKS as an expert of her topic.


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