Yoga Guru, Kathak Guru & Performer, Mind Therapist, Author, Choreographer & A Media Person...

                                “Dance is meditation in itself.”YOGA..


Innumerable Yoga Camps all over world!
                       More than 4000 Hours of lectures!
                                     More than 800 Performances!
                                           creator of two books & many cds & Dvds!
                                                      25 Dance Productions / Choreographies!
                                                                           17 TV SHOWS!!!

                                                             Thats Acharya Pratishtha!!!

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                                                  Celebrity Judge at Miss India Indonesia, An international pageant !!!

“I loved traveling, I loved journey, and I always wanted to know about the space, the world around me… when I danced with my heart for the first time…. I had a journey within myself and I realized the world inside me….that was the most divine experience and from that day this journey is my life” - Aachayaa Pratishtha


“I've visited almost the entire world for my yog camps and dance performances but the most beautiful place I've ever seen is my INNER WORLD and the only tool which can take an individual there is MEDITATION.”

                                              -Aacharyaa Pratishtha



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QUEEN OF KATHAYOGA an International Honor by Pulian International CHINA

“I’ve lived many characters in one birth… am not at all only Pratishtha, sometimes am Radha sometimes am Krishna, sometimes am Rama and sometimes am Sita and when I’m a yogi I not only life many characters in fact I live many births  in one life sometimes I’m ‘Sarpa’ the snake, sometimes ‘Ushtra’ the camel, sometimes ‘Bilao’ the cat and sometimes ‘Kaag’ the crow and after living so many births  one gets rid of the cycle of  birth and death  and attains ‘Moksha’ the ultimate aim of human life”.


                                                                                                           - Aacharyaa Pratishtha


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