Wedding September 30, 2006

Mr. & Mrs.

We had the most amazing day for our wedding!  It truly was the best day of our lives and we wouldn't have chaged a thing!  Now we are enjoying being married and calling each other husband & wife.

Getting Ready 

I wore my grandmothers pearl necklace & earrings that my grandfather gave her on their 30th wedding anniversary and she gave to me on my 18th birthday.


Dress detail front & back

Seeing m dad for the first time

The Bride




Handkerchief from my great-granmother and a cross pin from my nanny for my confiration.  It was important that she be with on this very special day.

The Groom


The Ceremony

Our cute card box & a good shot of the bridesmaids dresses

Bridesmaid Flowers

My dad walking me down the aisle

We did it!

We didn't see eachother before the ceremony, so we did all of our pictures afterwards.


I love my momma!


My parents

A walk in the park

The In-laws

My mom & step-dad

my dad & step-mom

The girls

The Guys

Our Christmas card from last year

The Recepetion

We were announced to the Iowa fight song

The head table

Our first dance to "Love will keep us alive" by the Eagles


My sisters, brother & I

My little brother and I


Our delicious cake & my grandpa & I dancing

The cake detail matched the detail of my dress

Our cake topper that was used at my Grandparents wedding 62 years ago

Then it was time to get down.....Even my Grandparents that have been married for 62 years got out of the floor!

The candleabras were a gift from Brendan's Great-Grandmother


Stealing a little smooch on our rooftop deck.

Dancing on the rooftop of the hotel.

Then it was off to Mexico for the honeymoon!!!