On 6/20/2008 we adopted a lab/border collie puppy from the Humane Society.  She is the sweetest and most loving puppy ever!  Within a week of having Ruby we had her back at the vet and she was diagnosed with kennel cough.  After 4 days of antibiotics we woke up on a Sunday morning to her coughing up enormous amount of stuff, I will spare you the details!  She wouldn't play, run around, nothing.  We took he to an emergency vet and after four hours, blood work and x-rays, the doctor did not seem optimistic!  The vet told us that it was possibly disptemper, and she had pneumonia.  They also said they needed to keep her but we would have to pick her up in the morning and take her to another hospital because this specific one was only open at night.  

We decided to just take Ruby to a 24/7 hospital that day so we weren't moving her more than she needed to be.  When we arrived she was immediately taken from us and put in isolation.  The doctor came in and was much more optimistic as to Ruby's treatment!  She said she would be put on some strong IV antibiotics, fluids and maybe oxygen.   We then were given an estimate by a nurse or tech, not sure which one and she started talking about Parvo!  Parvo was never brought up before and I asked what is was and she said the bacteria.  Oh ok, so we left in tears that our precious baby was taken away from us so soon!  

I get home and google Parvo, I about fainted!!  Parvo is deadly to puppies and the survival rates are not that great if they aren't treated within 24 hours.  I knew we had missed the 24 hours mark!  After Brendan and I had bleached our apartment for 5 hours, I listened to our voicemail on our home phone(no one ever calls our home phone and the vet had our cell phone numbers).  We had a message from the tech saying she made a mistake and Ruby didn't have Parvo, she had pneumonia!  HUGE MISTAKE!!  She apologized and said to call if we had any questions!  

At the point I was ticked and overjoyed all at the same time!  Ticked because we lived 20 minutes from the ER vet and she called not more than 5 minutes after we had left.  Overjoyed because I knew Ruby didn't have Parvo! 

3 painful days and nights later we were able to take Ruby home.  She is now a healthy and happy puppy!!