Let us get your party started! Are you hosting an event in the Central Florida area? Getting married? Having a live band play at your church or community center? Want to make sure your guests get out on that dance floor? Are a band and want to impress the venue or client with how your music makes everyone want to get up and dance? We'll get things going!

We are a group of social dancers based around Orlando, Lakeland, and Tampa who can do swing, ballroom, and Latin partner dancing. We'll show up as "guests" to your event and kick things off by jumping onto the dance floor, letting your guests know that the floor is open and ready for dancing!

After a song or two of us showing everyone that it's time to dance, we'll mingle back into the crowd and encouraging your guests to get out on the floor if they're not out there already. We're kind of like a social dancing flash mob! Once COVID has passed and contact is safe again, we'll even (consensually) pull your guests onto the floor and dance with them!

For a little extra, we can include a dance lesson at the beginning or middle of the event in the dance style of your choice, or we can dress up in a theme or in costume and put on a dance performance to get the ball rolling, followed by mingling and encouraging the other guests to join us on the open dance floor. We even know some of the most popular party line dances and can teach or lead your guests in those too!

We can work with a variety of budgets including small budgets and non-profits. You let us know what you're looking for and we'll see what we can do for you.

Nothing classes up an event like some classic partner dancing! So email us at partystarterscfl@gmail.com and let us know what kind of event you're having, how many dancers you'd like and for how long, the dress code, your budget, and any other details we might need to provide your party with some great Party Starters!