Oolites- Our Name

After all the paperwork,webdesign and various other things needed to commence this dance disability group we were without a name. All suitable suggestions were already in use or the web address unavailable or too hard to remember. 

One day while on a tour in the Temple of Baal at Jenolan Caves, NSW a light was illuminated relieving a most spectacular sight...Oolites. Oolites are formed when water drops from above into a tiny basin like indentation, coating minute sand like particles with calcite crystal over and over and over and over again. These lustrous cave pearls as they are sometimes known were the inspiration for our name Dance Oolites. Our dancers like Oolites shine brightly and are a wondrous sight to behold as they perform and make their way forth in the wider community. 

Any one interested in Jenolan Caves, NSW and its historical society can find their website at www.jenolanhistory.org.au.

Oolites by Chip_2904.
  Oolites- Temple of Baal, Jenolan Caves, NSW (2009)