Dance Oolites inc.

Dance Oolites Inc. hope for today and a dream for tomorrow...

Dance Oolites Inc. is so much more than just a dance group for people with disabilities. Dance Oolites Inc is a dance family, a unique place of acceptance, sameness and individuality. A place where friendships are formed and blossom, where skills are learnt and developed, where self-esteem and self-concept grow and independence is encouraged.It is indeed inspirational to watch these young people many of whom have multiple disabilities, strive to and achieve their very best. 

Over time through accommodative teaching methods and structured routine of weekly dance rehearsals these unique individuals discover themselves and their true abilities.Through this journey of dance they discover a new found confidence, self-esteem, independence and level of skills. Many of these wonderful individuals have Down syndrome, visual impairment, autism, cerebral palsy,physical and intellectual disabilities. They perform dance routines to popular music in their own unique, effervescent style. 

Dance Oolites Inc. is based in Albury in regional NSW, an inclusive dance group.This dance group demonstrates what achievements can be made when given the opportunity and support.The Oolites range in age from 4 years of age to adults. Enthusiastically they dance regularly in a hall in Albury, breaking for school holidays.They perform a bi-annual concert and also dance at public performances to the delight of audiences.The passion and determination displayed by these dancers is both inspiring and uplifting, yet very humbling..."Watching them perform warms the heart and makes the spirit soar".

This not for profit incorporated association is a public benevolent institution which aims to provide an opportunity for people with disabilities to dance and be involved in a rewarding, meaningful and inclusive dance group by implementing various strategies, ensuring maximum participation and enjoyment of all dancers. The work of this wondrous dance troupe is only made possible through the generous and tireless donation of time and skills of our dedicated volunteers. 


Dance Oolites inc. is more than just a dance group for people with additional needs.