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I hand paint and tie dye veils.  Just suggest one or two colors and, I will make you a beautiful veil. See the image below of a turquoise and royal painted veil.  Solid colors are also available.
For a 5 mm 35" width, 3 or 4 yd veil or circular veil: $35
For an 8mm, 35' width , 3yd veil: $45
For and 8mm, 45" width 3yd veil: $50 (These can be made in colored silk in brilliant colors and machine sewn.)
Why 35" width?  These veils are great for the petite dancer or anyone who wants a light veil that floats easily. The 8mm thickness is best for outside veil work or for anyone who likes a little extra weight to their veil.
Michele Arista,
Mar 14, 2012, 11:40 AM