Welcome to Dance International Studio, the first belly dance studio in New Hampshire.
My dance name is Munira, which means to brighten up a room when one walks in.  For a description of the dark mother see my blog.
I'm celebrating over fifteen years of teaching in the theater building in downtown Manchester, NH.  I am a teacher of teachers in New Hampshire and a night club performer.
I have been studying, performing and teaching for over 30 years.  I have danced with a live band in the Boston area since the 80's.  I teach classes from total beginner to professional dancing with a live band. I encourage women of all shapes, sizes and abilities to join my classes.  No prior dance experience is necessary to join a class.  You may learn for fitness or to perform.  In the Middle East women visit each other and perform for each other.  I encourage women to perform for their families and friends or at weddings and baby showers.  Belly dance can create a wonderful community of women and be very empowering. Belly dance is very toning and makes every body shape look better.
Love your body!
Dance International Studio, 83 Hanover St, 3rd floor, Manchester, NH 03104.