About the Project

Dance in Ancient Sculpture Project

This project is intended help to make a full record about Dance in ancient Greece, with special attention to the iconographic programs in sculpture. Our larger mission is to make accessible to scholars and non-specialised public a part of the vast material contained in International Dance Council archives built over the last 25 years under the supervision of Dr. Alkis Raftis.


         The following collection provides digitalized images of dance representations together with basic information about each peace, which can provide a general view about the production of each period and cultural context. At the same time, an extended bibliography on Greek Art and culture can be founded linked to first hand sources accessible through the Internet.


This archive it is to be completed progressively in time with the help and support of new researchers and fellows all around the world interested in collaborating to complete the project. The main intention, thus, is to create a space for study where information and knowledge is based in collective work and support.